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Water Soluble Laurocapram Supplier
Laurocapram supplier provides various types of laurocapram such as water-soluble, powder, etc. at factory price and high quality.
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Dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) Supplier & Manufacturer
Dimethyl disulfide provided by DMDS Supplier & Manufacturer is a chemical substance, used as solvent and pesticide intermediate, and also the main raw material of methanesulfonyl chloride and methanesulfonic acid products.
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Dow VAGH Resin for printing Supplier
VAGH has good wetting properties for pigments, which enables it to be used in combination with polyurethane to formulate high solids screen and gravure printing inks for PP, PE and PETP films.
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Pure Medicine Grade Lanolin
Lanolin has various grades, such as cosmetic grade, pharmaceutical grade, can be used for skin care and skin treatment.
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Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA BP 17&PVA BF 17
BOULING polyvinyl alcohol is made from vinyl acetate (VAM) by alcoholysis polymerization, which is a water-soluble environment-friendly polymer. Polyvinyl alcohol powder (PVA) BP-17 and BP-24 are partially alcoholyzed PVA, which can be dissolved in w
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sodium borohydride price
Our company supplies industrial grade sodium borohydride, which is commonly used as reducing agent in inorganic synthesis and organic synthesis.
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