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internal pipe sleeve
an internal pipe sleeve is an innovative technology which is now being increasingly used for preventing corrosion at internal field welds. the internal pipe sleeve is designed to protect the gith weld area from corrosion and also to provide 100% inte
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full encirclement pipe sleeve
We offer a complete line of full encirclement steel sleeve that allow pipeline owners and operators to secure defective sections of the pipe that are cracked, corroded internally and externally., dented, damaged, or leaking. the product is a meal wra
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half pipe sleeve
half pipe sleeves are ideal for maintenance as repair can be done without shutting down the entire line. thru put loss can be avoided by casing the existing lines with half pipe sleeves.
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coated pipe spools
we manufactures high quality custom coated pipe spools for oil, gas and portable water pipeline.
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type b sleeve
We manufacture type b sleeves of all sizes and grades. With type b sleeves repair can be done without shutting down the pipe line.
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half repair pipe sleeve
half repair pipe sleeves are used for internal corrosion, dents, cracks and other defective leaks and girth welds. We ensure that our half repair pipe sleeve materials are certified and the carbon equivalent will not exceed 0.45 per cent.
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