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How can mobile robots help during the Corona Pandemic ?
In this video, we talk about how robots can play a crucial role in a pandemic situation like now, the utility of mobile robots for disinfecting the environment and about roombas in general.
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shape your blogging journey
This website information about the digital world where you can learn about online earning, blogging, SEO, WordPress, social media, just grow in life
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Indian Classrooms- A Need of the Hour!
This blog explains how education in the classroom can become easier with Artificial Intelligence.
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How Artificial Intelligence enabled chatbots can help to simplify admission process
This blog explains the concept and working of chatbots, how it is advantageous, its types and applications.
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Voice Technology: The latest trend in higher education
This blog shows the importance of AI powered voice recognition technology in the education system by illustrating the voice recognition functions and how it can be useful for carrying out different activities for higher education.
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Artificial Intelligence and Education: A tale of innovation and possibilities
This blog explain the impact of Artificial Intelligence on humans and how AI based education will be beneficial
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