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Outsourced DPO Singapore
PrivacyEdge provides best services of Internet security, Computer security, Cyber security, DPO Outsourcing, Data Protection, PDPA Certification, PDPA Compliance Guide and Training for all type company and Business in Singapore.
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Function and application of UHF RFID Card
At present, the working frequency of the global UHF RFID system is between 860-960mhz, which is because the RFID system will be applied all over the world. However, there is no common frequency applicable to the RFID system in the world, an
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Informatic security
Focused on computer security solutions with more than 30 years of experience at a national and international level.
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6 Indian quantum security startups promising revolutionize way security managed
With advancements in the field of Quantum Computing, organizations can now conduct complex mathematical computations at a lightning-fast speed. In the Union Budget for fiscal 2020-21, the government has allocated Rs 8,000 crore for making India a glo
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Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Building a website is indeed an exhausting task and takes up a lot of work than just putting content and making it visually appealing. A website only performs well when constant attention to the building of the website is maintained while performing
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Why is the shortage of cybersecurity professionals a key worry for firms in 2022? - National CoE
Security is not just about conquering technology but the contextual application. The key is understanding the environment and applying appropriate controls. Businesses look for professionals who have knowledge of both and often find it challenging to
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