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Title 7 Main Reasons for Choosing PHP in Web Development
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Over the years, technology standardization keeps self-evolution to enhance better performance. For these changes, there are huge numbers of programming languages that have to be used as results. We all know that every stage of programming evolution reveals better performance and user experiences.

So it’s quite challenging to choose the best programming platform to design well-versed websites.  

But it’s not that much tough because when it comes to website designing, PHP might be a better choice.

PHP is a widely used language that was created in the year 1994 and now powers over 200 million websites worldwide. Some popular examples of websites powered by this platform include Facebook, Word press, Digg.comand so forth.

Okay. Let’s discuss a short introduction of PHP before we get into our question.

Introduction of PHP

   PHP is considering as appropriate programming language because; it is an open source server-side scripting language that has been designed for not just web development but also as a general-purpose programming platform. It plays major role in word press content management system. Moreover, it is useful for variety of purpose including collecting and verifying form data, creating cookies, and displaying dynamic content and images.

   As it same as JavaScript, PHP also have several frameworks such as Larval and Drupal. This language is very simple to learn and runs efficiently on the server side. It is compatible with almost all servers used today, such as Apache, IIS, etc.

   Moreover, PHP is chosen by more than 40+ million clients because of its easy functions and methods. It has been good with open source software integration like Drupal and supports database management system. From all these, we also accept that PHP is wise choice to design better websites.

At testware informatics, we develop customized websites using PHP services to provide unique results to customers.

Let’s discuss “7 main reasons for choosing PHP in web development?”

7 Reasons to Choose PHP in Web Development

 Some of the important following features that this considers as,

Open Source

Open source means you don’t need to pay for use PHP, you can free download and use. As it is open-source, it makes the system ready with PHP in quick time.

Platform Independent

PHP code will be run on major platforms like Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows. It can be integrated with other programming language and database easily and there is no requirement of re-development.

Database Management

PHP is easily connected with the database and make the connection securely with databases. It has a worked in module that is utilized to associate with the database without any problem. There are many web applications, which require solid programming language with a decent database the board framework.


PHP system is for the most part used to make the web application advancement simpler. The model view controller design in PHP system causes the code to be effectively kept up and utilized. The MVC engineering helps the partition of a document for various modules independently.



PHP systems worked in highlight and apparatuses make it simpler to shield the web applications from the external assaults and security dangers. The security dangers can resemble SQL infusion, information altering, and imitation and so forth.

Error Reporting

PHP have some predefined error reporting constants to generate a warning or error notice.

Case Sensitive

PHP is case sensitive scripting language at time of variable declaration. In PHP, all keywords (e.g. if, else, while, echo, etc.), classes, functions, and user-defined functions are NOT case-sensitive.

What We Do?

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