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Title 5 OPT Degree Programs to Stay in the US
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In this era of the evolving professional world, it is crucial to be able to optimize opportunities such as the Optional Practical Training Program or OPT in the United States. The OPT provides a basic groundwork for securing employability to students pursuing degree programs, post their graduation for an initial period of 12 months. For STEM-approved degrees, the duration of employability can even be extended up to a duration of an additional 24 months. Therefore, besides making sure that you fulfill each of the required eligibility criteria, it is also important to be prudent while choosing the degree programs that you seek to enroll in. This is because the employable opportunity secured via OPT will be directly related to your area of study or specialization. While selecting the degree program that suits all your requirements might come across as a difficult choice, here is a list of OPT degree programs that you must consider before you make your final call.

1. Global Master of Business Administration

As business leaders of tomorrow, it is crucial for you to arm yourself with the relevant expertise to navigate through the changing market economy. This program from Northwood University has been curated to acquaint you with the emerging challenges of the vocational space along with strategically optimizing each of those to deliver pertinent business solutions. Besides ameliorating your professional acumen, this degree will also help you develop your ability to analyze and accordingly implement remedies, in the days to come. The renowned faculty and the flexible structure are yet other factors as to why this should feature as one of the top choices in your list of OPT degree programs before you make your final pick.

2. Global Master of Science in Business Analytics

If you are seeking a professional degree that will impart you with the knowledge of curating strategic business-driven solutions based on practical real-life scenarios, another program from Northwood University will be a perfect fit for you. In an age where digital innovation is taking over every avenue of the professional landscape, this program will equip you with the appropriate technological trends and the tools to excel and make informed decisions. The critical thinking that you develop via this program will improve your overall proficiency related to business analytics and help you predict, evaluate and resolve the emerging challenges of tomorrow, as and when they come. The fact that this program makes you eligible for OPT and is also a STEM-approved degree is why this should be an obvious choice for you in case you are seeking to gain a strong foothold in the US right at the onset of your career.

3. Global Management Program

The art of conducting successful business entails the art of garnering a global perspective on today’s business reality. This program from Berkeley will provide you the opportunity to sharpen your acumen by strengthening the core business fundamentals and by acquainting you with the altering demands of the global economy. You will be equipped with the latest business models and given exposure to pertinent project-based experiences, all of which will add to your professional credibility as you step into the business world and take up leadership roles in the days to come.

4. Master of Business Administration

While you are seeking to enroll for OPT in the long run, you must take into account the global acclaim and the value that the program you are opting for will add to your professional credibility. This full-time program from Harvard Business School is one of the best options out there that will develop your strategic vision and analytical prowess like no other through proven case-study-based teaching solutions and simulation exercises. The alumni network that you will connect with and the renowned faculty that will impart the best of expertise that they have garnered through the years are other reasons why you should consider this degree program as a viable option.

5. Master of Science in Business Analytics

It is important to realize that your efficacy as a leader will exponentially be determined by your ability to utilize and analyze data in making informed decisions. This on-campus program from UCLA has been formulated to impart you with the necessary apparatus that will help you adapt and lead in specific, targeted contexts taking into account altering trends and demands of the vocational space. If you are seeking to enroll in OPT degree programs, this is one program that must feature in your top picks before you make the final call.

Optional Practical Training Program or OPT is a remarkable opportunity that can give you the opportunity to expand your career. Choosing relevant OPT degree programs is a prudent way to ensure that you do not falter in securing a strong foothold in the professional arena. And these above-mentioned programs are great choices to propel your career with some of the best available resources.