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Title 5 Reasons Why Online Matchmaking Works & How It’s Effective
Category Relationships Lifestyle --> Weddings
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As per the Indian mentality, once you look like you are at the “ripe age” parents start talking about marriage. Love marriages were frowned upon a few decades ago. Today, online matchmaking has emerged as a trend with the advancement in technology. Technology has been a contributing factor in the matrimonial world. This is evident from taking a sneak-peek into the different types of marriages over the years.

Getting married by the age of 25 is no longer a requirement. Many find it burdensome, while others find it an exhilarating experience. But the central question remains: what are my chances of success in online matchmaking in this digital age?

Online Matchmaking vs. Traditional Matchmaking: The Important STATS

If you haven’t not sat down and had a heated conversation with your family about whether to go through the traditional matchmaking route or the online one – then you’ve not gone through the right of passage that most bachelors go through.  Here are 7 great differences between online and traditional matchmaking that you should know about. 

In retrospect, taking the Indian population:

  • There are 150,000 people between the ages of 18-30 years in India.
  • On average, 10 million weddings take place in India every year.
  • Between the ages of 20-24, around 69% of women are married while only 30% of men are married.
  • A whopping 93% of all marriages in India have arranged marriages from online matchmaking and traditional methods.

5 Reasons Why Online Matchmaking Works

There is a drastic difference between meeting someone and matchmaking. For online matchmaking, the predetermined criteria that both partners should share are that they are both looking for a match that leads to settling down. The Matchmaking Show enables individuals to select their criteria and preferences. The website’s algorithm makes the match on behalf of those who have signed up to their site. 

Here are 7 reasons why online marriage matching through websites works:

Matrimony sites take into account your needs, wants, and other specifications

Moreover, in traditional matchmaking, the history of a family and their values are preceding factors for matchmaking. Whereas, online websites put individual needs forward. 

Families consent was the most important once. There could be so many things that don’t match between the bride and the groom – like character, personality, viewpoints on certain topics, etc. Online marriage matching sites enable individuals to put down all their preferences. The sites list all parameters, from looks all the way down to personality traits, hobbies, and life goals.

More Options for Prospects

The internet hosts thousands of matchmaking websites. The more profiles there are, the more options present themselves for someone who looking for a life partner to settle down with permanently.

Online sites list the data, the preferences, and all other relevant information that one could look for when settling on a life partner. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and simple “preference matching”, it is easy for sites to match two people who have the same personality and the same interests. 

Verified and Original

While there is some speculation about phishing and scamming from online sites, its not true for matrimonial websites. Sites incorporate safety protocols and other precautions to ensure a safe experience for all users. The sites offer data and profile privacy, making it nearly impossible to find a partner based solely on a name. The difference between online matchmaking sites and social media sites like Facebook could essentially be the number of privacy layers that exist.

Uploaded profiles are verified individually by websites. In addition, if there is an online match, boundaries and rules surround the steps to move ahead. 

The Matchmaking Show’s online matchmaking website uses AI integration and selective matching. Prospects meet the best match according to their preferences. Once matched, the conversation moves ahead and the matchmaking takes place!

Genuine Interactions

Matrimonial websites are not like dating sites. Let that sink in. Matrimonial websites exist to assist people in finding the person with whom they want to settle down. All matrimonial websites come with a guarantee of meeting genuine people. In India, marriage is viewed as a lifelong partnership, and matrimonial sites make sure that the right partner is chosen.

Relationships and finding a life partner are not a matter of joke for the people who register themselves on matchmaking sites. This makes the interactions and the category of people more authentic.

Self-paced Matchmaking

Going back to all the interactions and instances that you have seen of arranged marriages. Usually, partners have very little time before marriage to get to know one another and begin their journey together. Online matchmaking enables both parties to take their time in getting to know one another. There is no rush in the process. There is no pressure from the system to have matchmaking, and most importantly there are thousands of options that are present. 

Freedom to explore the different options in matrimony is not possible through online marriage matching websites. This one point in itself is the defining reason why several individuals who are looking to get married opt for online websites to find their perfect match.

Wishing to Find the Perfect Match? – The Matchmaking Show is Your Answer

The thing about the twenty-first century, and especially the year 2022, is that it is the pinnacle of competition. As someone who is looking to get married – how to identify whether a site is authentic or not?

The answer is – don’t go anywhere and check out the concept of India’s first-ever matchmaking show. While online matchmaking sites depend on algorithms and interactions, everything boils down to whether there is someone who fits your criteria or not. Get matched easily with an interactive television series that is connected to an AI-enabled website!

Think about it: You see someone that you like on television, and they match everything that you have as “criteria” for the one you want to be with. Connect with them easily through logging into The Matchmaking Show’s website. It’s that simple.

Register for The Matchmaking Show today to get famous and find the perfect life partner you have been waiting for.