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Title A Guide to LEGO Building Ideas for Kids and Adults
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Owner Anthony Korculanic

It’s been a big year for Building Ideas with Legos, and as we head into the Christmas festive season, the LEGO Ideas Home Alone McCallister House set was officially unveiled last week to much fanfare – firstly as the biggest LEGO Ideas set yet, and also a great way to close off the year as an especially festive, Christmas-themed set.

At 3,955-pieces, and with a sticker price of US$250 / AU$400, the LEGO Home Alone set is a sizable set, amongst the biggest released in 2021, and is a satisfyingly complete homage to the classic Macaulay Culkin film.

The LEGO Home Alone set has a release date of 1 November 2021, and will be available exclusively from LEGO.com.

It’s a big set, and with the launch coming up very very soon, let’s take a look at the LEGO Home Alone set, and all its hidden secrets, and references to the classic 1990 film!

Unlike most 2022 Creator Expert sets which have been trying to shift away from stickers, the Home Alone set leans heavily into stickers as the primary vehicle to weave in most of the major references from the movie into the set, such as portraits of the McCallister family, and the TV screen with Angels with Even Filthier Souls, which has immortalised the “keep the change ya filthy animal” line forever in pop culture history.

Most of the stickers are fairly easy to apply and small, with the exception of the OH-KAY plumbing van ones, which you’ll need deft hands to align.

I REALLY like Home Alone’s instruction manual, and consider the creative and design direction to be one of the best of the LEGO for Adults. Unlike typical LEGO instruction manuals which have the set photo on the front, we’re instead treated to Kevin McCallister’s hand-drawn battle plan – lovingly re-created of course.

In many ways, it sets the stage the build, making you feel like you’re about to commence building all the booby traps, and getting the house ready for the Wet Bandits.

Apart from that, it has all the usual inclusions, such as features of the set designers Antica Bracanov, and Enrique Belmonte Beixer, who co-designed the set, and Kirsten Bay Nielsen who designed the graphics and minifigures, as well as highlighting the LEGO Ideas project designer, Alex Storozhuk (follow him on Twitter @legoadwind).

The LEGO Home Alone set comes with 5 minifigures – quite a small number considering the set’s price and piece-count, but at the same time, all the major characters are represented here, so you don’t really feel like anyone is missing.

From the left to right, we have Marley, the mysterious elderly neighbour, Kate McCallister, Kevin McCallister, and the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv.

Here’s Kevin and his mum, Kate, who famously left Kevin behind and only realised midway on the flight to Paris. Both minifigures are decent representations of their on-screen counterparts, relying on their outfits instead of face prints to bring them to life.

A major story of 2021 is how well What to build with Legos have innovated minifigure designs (see Queer Eye), but Kevin and Kate McCallister are pretty basic. I do like Kate’s brown power suit, with the large shirt collars that just scream late 80s and early 90s fashion.

Where both minifigures shine is in the alternate face department – where Kevin has his signature “shocked” face, and Kate has her “I just left my son Home Alone” look, where she darts up from her seat on the plane.

Here’s the Old Man Marley minifigure, the mysterious neighbour of the McCallister, who is often depicted shovelling snow. His grumpy and quiet demeanour have given rise to rumours started by Buzz, that he was the South Bend Shovel Slayer, who murdered his entire family, keeping the bodies in buckets of salt to mummify them.

Marley only has a single-sided face, that’s mostly obscured by his large Santa Claus grey beard. To me, the beard is way too large, and as such doesn’t really come close to capturing Marley’s likeness.

The lack of a friendlier face is also disappointing, as you learn that he’s actually a kind old man with a sad story towards the end of the movie.

Sure, the beard and shovel does indicate that this is Marley, but he’s one of the weaker minifigures in the set.

Last but certainly not least we have Marv Murchins and Harry Lime minifigures. Self-styled as the Wet Bandits, these two bumbling thieves are the true stars of the Home Alone franchise, and provide the comic-relief as their hair-brained scheme to rob the McCallister House comes undone.

The minifigures are great, and I love the use of the medium legs to depict Harry’s shorter stature, and their outfits are carefully re-created in LEGO form. Their face prints are pretty accurate as well, with Marv’s wispy beard and moustache, as well as Harry’s glinting golden tooth peeking out of his evil smile.

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