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Title Among the best ICSE, CBSE, and International schools in Bangalore Chrysalis
Category Education --> K-12
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International Schools in Bangalore That Cannot Be Missed

  Competition is immense today in all spheres of life. In the past, the focus used to be only on the grades in a child’s mark sheet. But today, parents see beyond the grades. The aim is to either crack the best entrance exams or pursue preferred career options. The preparation for all these challenges starts today at a tender age.

Schools are the foundation blocks for any student. If the basics are clear and strong, only then children will be able to move forward. The best international schools in Bangalore offer a perfect combination of theoretical and practical education to build a strong foundation. 

Here is a list of top international schools in Bangalore that cannot be missed out if you are searching for the best school for your children.

  1. Chrysalis High

  2. Candor International School

  3. Primus Public School

  4. Indus International School

  5. Oasis International School

  6. Canadian International School

  7. New Baldwin International School

  8. Stonehill International School

So, why are these top international schools in Bangalore high in demand? The prominent reasons are:

Affiliation of the School

The affiliation of a school plays a major role in the type of education the school will be imparting to its students. The best international schools in Bangalore are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). These schools are accredited by different recognitions such as the International School Awards and School Merit Awards to celebrate its standards of education and credibility. 

Staff Selection

Apart from having a proper affiliation, it is important to have a proper staff selection procedure. The best international schools in Bangalore hire their staff through an extreme selection procedure. For instance, Chrysalis High conducts a written test followed by a teaching demonstration and an interview to select the right candidates who can teach the students. Later a proper training program is conducted for these teachers so that they can impart knowledge in a standardized way. 

Innovative Teaching Method

Students often lose interest in studying because of a monotonous approach taken by most of the teachers. The top international schools in Bangalore understand this and adopt different methods to make education interesting. Interactive sessions, practical classes, and many more methods that are used. This helps the students in absorbing a good amount of knowledge and in performing well in the exams. 

Great Programs for Better Development

The management of top international schools in Bangalore believes that just imparting theoretical education to the students is not enough. It is highly important to give proper attention to all the pupils. As no two students are the same, these schools create teacher-student ratios in such a way that all the students receive a teacher’s attention individually.

Facilities for Better Development

The best international schools in Bangalore are also known for the best facilities offered to students. In most schools, there are advanced options for studying such as laboratories where students can learn robotics, coding, and other skills. There are programs to support students who are excellent in other forms such as arts and sports. Some schools offer the facilities of counseling of the students and classes on moral values for the proper development of the students. 

Recently, Bangalore is flourishing with different modern schools. But it is important to find the right fit for your children from the best international schools in Bangalore. The best way to choose the perfect school for your child is by checking the school website and resources if the features mentioned above are available or not.