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Title Brush Cutter Latest Price, and Types - Khetigaadi
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A brush cutter is also called a brush saw or cleaning saw. It is a powered garden or agricultural tool used to trim weeds, small trees, and other foliage not accessible by a lawnmower or rotary mower. Various blades or trimmer heads can also be attached to the machine for a specific application. 

A brush cutter is an agricultural implement that is very effective and useful for cutting weeds, part of trees. It is very easy to use or to operate in farm operations.

The brush cutter is made with various types of blades like tapes of blades like tap and goes, two-point and three-point blade that is attached to the brush cutter machine which is used for specific purposes.

The structure of the brush cutter machine: 

A brush cutter has an engine that is held close to the body of the machine, and with a pole, a driveshaft is provided, the drive shaft transmits the power to a rotary cutting head, which is fixed at the opposite end of the pole, cutter blades, trimmer head, brush cutter shaft and handle are the other parts of the brush cutter.

Why brush cutter is very effective:

At the hard parts of the trees larger machines can’t enter, but the brush cutter is small in size and adjustable and you should start to cut the vegetation from a specific direction with help of a brush cutter. It has a specific cutting region.

Enter the blade into the plants slowly so that the head is pressed against the material. You should be alert during operation, don't use chopping motion while cutting plants, the machine may get damaged or stop working.

Brush cutters have various types of blades attached that help you to cut several materials. The blade's lifespan depends on how you are using it or cutting and how regularly. 

If you are working the whole day as possible in rough zones or slicing through hard branches or stems of trees, you may need to change or sharpen the cutting blades every day. The blade's life depends on the use of the brush cutter.

Types of brush cutters are as follows:

  1. Bicycle hand brush cutters

  2. Loop handle brush cutters

  3. Backpack brush cutters

These are the famous, most well-known brush cutters with a wide range of variety.

Bicycle hand brush cutters: Bicycle handles brush cutters are mostly suitable for the plane or flat surface with large grass patches and lower spread of weeds mostly used in gardening operations to cut the unwanted or unnecessary grass.

Loop handle brush cutters: Loop handle brush cutter is best for field operations. It is useful for cutting the large bushes of weeds, long trees that need grooming, and lots of other hidden objects like rocks, etc. These are suitable for steep slopes and pruning above head height.

Backpack brush cutters: The important benefit of these brush cutters are the more comfortable transportation of this equipment with the backpack option. These brush cutters are usually used to perform primary farm operations. For example: Cutting in the flat areas where huge grasses and weeds need cutting or manicuring, But these are not useful on sloppy ground surfaces.

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