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Title Building Safety: How Developers can Ensure the Safety of Workers & Residents
Category Real Estate --> Investment
Meta Keywords flats in mohali, real estate devlopers, building safety
Owner Sourav Singh

Real Estate Developers have an enormous responsibility for ensuring the safety of people living in or working on their projects. The Real Estate sector has been growing massively with new residential and commercial projects being established across the nation. While developing a project, the developer must be very conscious of the necessitate safety norms to be taken into consideration while building or allotting property.

The current scenario has brought to light the importance of safety measures, be it to fight a pandemic or otherwise. The well-being of people associated with you is something one must be very conscious about. The world in the last few months has faced many challenges and tackled them with utmost care undertaking all necessitate precautions.

Being a responsible developer, it is very important for these safety measures to be followed thoroughly. Top Real Estate Groups like SBP Group, have gained credibility over time, with their efforts to maintain their projects and instate the faith of everyone by ensuring perfection in every aspect. SBP Group has developed property in Mohali, Zirakpur and in many other regions of Punjab and earned the title of No.1 Housing Company in Punjab. This has been possible due to the consistency and quality of delivered projects, safety being one of the major concerns.

This is something every developer must take into account. Building a project is an enormous responsibility, there are a lot of people associated with every project, prioritizing their well-being is of prime importance. The Real Estate Sector has been consistently developing and many projects are being developed in the meantime. Taking this into account, it is also important for developers to take care of their workforce for which many guidelines are to be followed. The workers, who help lay the foundation of a project and play a major role in constructing the prospects of a builder are vital as is their safety.

What are some of the things a developer must keep in mind while building or allotting property in Mohali, Zirakpur or elsewhere?

As per the safety guidelines here are something that must be ensured:

  • Elevators: It necessitates installing elevators in buildings, especially high-rise buildings. If a developer constructs a building higher than 12 meters, it is compulsory that they install elevators for the safety and convenience of the residents.

  • Emergency Exits: Calamities are unpredictable, it is very important to be precautious and be alert. Emergency exits must be built-in for the safe evacuation of residents in case of any unfortunate event.

  • Exit Doorways: In case a building comprises of accommodations for more than 20 people on a single floor, it is important that there are at least two exit doorways in that building. This enables smooth and fast evacuation in times of crisis.

  • Fire Staircase: There must be a special staircase specifically for fire emergencies. This staircase may only be availed in case of emergencies.

  • Fire Safety: It is important for various floors to have pipelines, booster pumps and water tanks for times fire extinguishers aren’t sufficient.

  • Handrail: A minimum height of handrail is required to be installed for everyone’s safety, especially for the children.

  • Guardrails: All the balconies overlooking the exterior must have guardrails; it is very important since it can become a major cause of concern.

  • Plumbing: All the necessitate and basic plumbing work is to be installed with the utmost care and cleanliness is to be ensured.

  • Buildings must be built partially or fully covered by unbroken metallic surfaces to keep the occupants safe from hazards.

These are the basic safety measures top builder must keep in mind before articulating a project. However, these aren’t the only safety measures that a builder can take to ensure its citizen’s safety. Top Real Estate Developers like SBP Group who have delivered many successful projects and are working on delivering enormous projects like City of Dreams goes above and beyond to provide a sense of safety to their residents.

City Of Dreams is one of the best projects providing property in Mohali. The project encompasses villas, commercial property, high rise residential buildings etc. It’s a city within a city, a world of its own. The reason behind the successful completion of the project and its extravagance is how SBP Group has strongly built its core, keeping in mind all the important aspects. Additional safety measures like high-security at the gate, CCTV Surveillance assistance, intercom facility, fire safety precautions make the project stand out. Safety is the eminent form of luxury and City Of Dreams delivers just that.

In conclusion, safety is one of the major aspect worth consideration. The developers must make sure they deliver safety as much as quality to gain credibility and build a strong and safe empire.