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Title Buy Best Organic Essential Oil Fragrances for Your Pet Based on Your Likes
Category Pets Animals --> Pet Shops
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Owner Tweedle Pet Products

Do you require a natural, gentle way to keep your beloved pet smelling fresh and clean? Tweedles Organic Fragrances is the answer. Made from all-natural ingredients, this special formula helps keep pets smelling great between baths. Humanely tested for use on both dogs and cats, Tweedles Organic Fragrances contains no petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances. Suspend the pet’s world with our fragrances—a natural, gentle way to keep your beloved pet smelling fresh and clean. Tweedle Pet Products provides safe fragrances that are used on all animals and does a great way to keep your pet smell great between baths.

Organic Essential Oil Fragrances are used throughout the home. They are safe and gentle, safe for all animals and can be used on dogs, cats and birds. Each box of fragrances is designed to last 4-8 baths depending on your pet's needs or frequency of baths. Tweedle Pet Products has many other products such as pet shampoos, pet lotions, Mosquito Repellent, Flea Repellent, Raw Dog Treats and more that can be used to keep your pets smelling fresh from head to toe!


Whether you have a dog, a cat, or something in between, chances are that you have to deal with some dirt at one point or another. You can always take your pet to the groomers and get them professionally cleaned, but then they generally smell like flowers—neither of which appeal to most owners. However, Tweedles Pet Products offers an alternative, focusing instead on natural ingredients that will clean the animal gently and naturally, with no chemicals or perfumes.

Our goal is to ensure that none of our animals go without love, comfort and safety. We offer different products to fit every customer's tastes and preferences. Tweedle Pet Products shop has been started many years ago, with the home designer well aware of her own experiences with products that contained noxious and toxic chemicals. "We’d seen several dogs react negatively to products in the past, and we didn't want to see anyone's pet go through that." Thus was born our organic fragrances, which are now available commercially. As a pet owner herself, Laura knows these products are popular and effective for pet lovers.

If you're not looking to spend a fortune, or if you just don't have the time to bathe your pet, Tweedles Organic Fragrances are a quick and easy solution to a dirty problem. We have plenty of solutions for dogs and cats, but we even have products for ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Our collection is growing, so don't forget to check back for your next shopping trip to either https://www.tweedlepetproducts.com/ or contact us at (561) 859-1331.