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Title Buy Gemstones Online In India - Gemadda
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Diamonds are considered to be one of the most popular jewels and even rarer coloured diamonds. While the perfection and inclusion of the stone affect the colour of the diamonds, a huge global demand is being met for these coloured diamonds. Gemadda has the most amazing collection to buy Rashi Ratna Gemstones in Delhi. Visit the store now.

The toughest hues, including red, green, pink, purple, brown, yellow and black, are available for these stones. You heard it correctly, yes. Yes. There truly are black diamonds. Indeed, black diamonds have risen in favour in recent years, for a good reason.

Types Of Black Diamond

Two main kinds of black diamonds are available – natural Black diamonds and treated black diamonds.

Natural Black Diamonds – The existence and a large range of inclusions in the natural Black Diamond is due to its colour. A black diamond actually is full of inclusions in which the whole stone of black is captured and painted.

Black treated diamonds — Typical, extremely low-value white diamonds are treated for heat or radiography in order to generate treated black diamonds owing to the presence of a high quantity of inclusions. These diamonds are less expensive than black natural diamonds.

Qualitative Analysis Of Black Diamond

The 4Cs diamond should also be taken into consideration while buying black diamonds, just as other diamonds. After all, the quality of a black diamond is determined by Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.

While there are different coloured diamonds in a variety of intensities, black diamonds are only one intensity — black fantastic. In addition, fancy black diamonds have no clarity and no colours since they are heavy and opaque. There are no black diamonds classifications provided by GIA, but there will be coloured diamond identification and origin reports. This study describes genuine black diamonds as ‘Fancy Black’ and describes their colour as natural or treated.

It’s always a customer’s personal choice whether to buy natural or treated gemstones, we at Gemadda, best diamond shop in Delhi has both types available.

How To Identify A Fake Black Diamond?

Black Cubic Zirconia, Black Spinel and Pyritic Or Marcasite are like black diamonds, French jet, black hematite and black tourmaline. The best solution is to examine whether a diamond is true or fake with the Mohs scale. When it reaches 10, it is a false diamond, which is true when it shows no 10. A gemologist or a diamond specialist who utilises specific instruments to verify whether the black diamond is true or fake is always advised for consultation.

Taking care of your black diamond is the same as caring for other diamonds. You can clean a soft liquid and clean it with a soft brush if you clean the diamond at home. The best way to purify your black diamond is by approaching a professional jeweller who securely and without harming the stone removes any dirt and grimaces.

If you want to buy black diamond or any kind of gemstones in Delhi, just visit Gemadda. We are ready to build it for you if you want to include black diamonds in a piece of jewellery.