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Title Can I solve aircon problems myself itself?
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Owner letscool

                    An air-conditioner can provide comfort during extremely hot days especially in Singapore. No matter the time, it will always be able to help you relax and cool down from the heat in your room. That said, it can become a great inconvenience if the noise from your aircon distracts you from a good night’s sleep. In that case, it may be a sign to get an aircon repair. But before hiring the services of a professional aircon servicing company, there are some steps you can take to reduce the aircon noise problems you may be facing at your homes or offices. 

Some common reasons for aircon noise: 

1.      Dirt on the fan coil: 

                   In order to fix a noisy aircon, we must first identify the cause. One common cause is dirt and debris accumulating on the aircon’s fan coil. This can usually take place if your air-conditioner has gone for months or years without regular aircon servicing

2.      Debris on external compressor:

                  Another common cause of unusual air-conditioner noise is debris building up on the external compressor unit. The external aircon compressor unit performs many functions such as transferring air into the condenser coil, eliminating humidity, removing heat, and liquefying the refrigerant. 


                  Letscool aircon provides an extensive range of Aircon Services including Aircon ServicingAircon RepairAircon Installation Aircon Chemical Wash, Aircon General Service.


Best aircon company in Singapore and has more than 25+ years of experience in the aircon industry more reliable and trusted company for Aircon servicing and Aircon installation and aircon maintenance for both commercial and residential units with one time and contractual maintenance as well along with the latest equipment and quality products.

We have professionally trained and technical staffs and we do full support for Singapore with all brand and all model support major brands like Mitsubishi (Electric and Heavy industries), DaikinPanasonicMidea, etc,


Process of Aircon Installation

·         Appreciate ideal execution from your cooling unit

·         Expand the life expectancy of your hardware

·         Win cost investment funds from proficient utilization of vitality

·         Keep expensive fixes from untimely harm or hardware over-burden

·         Diminish hardware clamor because of framework overexertion

·         Look after exact, steady and safe indoor air temperature

Split Air Conditioner:

We provide all brands of Split Air conditioner Installation in Singapore location, For Home & Commercial use. System 1, System 2, System 3, System 4.

Centralized Air conditioner:

We do Centralized Air conditioner installation in Singapore. For Industrial ,schools. and also do VRV system.

Aircon General Service:

Process Of General Service:

·         We fully inspect & cleaning of the air filter and cover

·         Clean the dust and clogs in the cooling coil and blower

·         Cleaning of blockages in the water tray and drainage pipe

·         Letscool offers after-Sales 30 days workmanship warranty for general service.


Aircon Chemical Wash Service:

Process Of Chemical Wash Service:

·         Filters, blowers & ban blade are clean with a chemical.

·         The Evaporator Coils are clean with Chemical to prevent foul smell.

·         Water Tray and Drainage pipes will be cleaned and cleared of algae, dirt, mould, and gel.

·         Technicians check the blower and fan motor are in optimal condition.

·         Technicians will check and inspect your aircon system and will advise immediately if they found that your system has a problem.

·         The warranty period for chemical wash is 60 days.