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Title COVID plans could confine university students to halls
Category Education --> Universities
Meta Keywords confine university students to halls, COVID plans could confine university students to halls
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Coronavirus Means Funerals Must Wait: 'We Can't Properly Bury Our Dead' -  The New York Times

The second wave of Covid-19:-

The first wave of pandemic coronavirus has passed away and devastated the whole country very badly. Now health experts are predicting the second wave of the pandemic is about to start, they alarmed the authorities that the second wave will be more disastrous and terrible if precautionary measures are not taken strictly. While on the other side, the government of the UK has opened all the educational institutes across the country, including schools, colleges and universities. A massive rush of students is going to rejoin universities, which will surely create difficulties in implementing safety measures properly. The management also feared to lose control of such a massive surge of students, while having a lack of funds to adopt institutes with safety measures.


However, the Health Department has issued a thorough strategic plan to prevent infections of coronavirus in educational institutes. The universities are advised to recruit extra staff to maintain safety measures within the campuses. In comparison, there is no guarantee of prevention and safety from the spreading infections still. The parents are also feared to send back their children to universities due to the risks of getting infections. But the government encouraged them to support the universities by teaching their children with general safety measures so that every student is well versed with the prevention of coronavirus.


Students will confine to halls:-

As the government advised university authorities to keep the students apart from each other. No student will be allowed to make groups or gatherings within the campus, a physical distance to prevent coronavirus spread is mandatory in every class, corridor and campus. The Department of Education barred the students of England from going homes if the second wave of coronavirus outbreaks in this period of reopening of universities. While in hostel residencies, all the students will be confined to the halls of residence by assigning their beds at proper distance so that there is no congestion of students in hostels. While only one-way traffic of pedestrians will be allowed in corridors in order to prevent physical touches.


A new policy by Department for Education in the UK:-

The Department for Education in the UK has issued a new policy to universities to take all possible necessary safety measures in order to combat the spread of infectious coronavirus second wave. The university is responsible for controlling any local outbreak. However, medical staff will be recruited in every university in order to provide basic health support. Every university must have the right plans to control the pandemic situation, especially social distancing, should be practiced very strictly on the campuses. Every university will be provided with extra funds to implement all safety measures within the campuses, including the recruitment expenses of additional staff for management and medical service.


The response of the administration of universities:-

Still, the administrators of universities are much confused regarding the new policies made by the Department for Education, because they are not sure how these policies would affect in reality. The staff and some of the students have arrived on the campuses now, and lectures will start from this week. But the administrators are scrambling about the safety of staff, teachers and students in this extraordinary situation. 


Self-isolation of pupils:-

The university has issued a complete guidelines voucher to every student, in which all necessary preventive measures are described thoroughly to avoid the spread of coronavirus. In case if a student gets the symptoms of coronavirus, the university will put that student in self-isolation for two weeks, no matter if he is living in a university hostel. That student will be provided with complete medical services along with a routine check-up by expert doctors. While all other students living near to the infected one will also be put in quarantine for fourteen days in order to make minimize the safety risks. The universities will bear all the expenses in such cases, while the government will fund accordingly. 


Infection rates in the UK:-

The General Secretary of the University and College Union, Mr. Jo Grady, said that the infection rates are increasing rapidly among 18 to 21 years old young students according to the data provided by the government. He proposed that there are still risks of spread of coronavirus, so government should not allow reopening universities, and online mode of education should be followed furthermore to meet the educational needs. Same policies followed by law assignment writing service. On the other hand, any country exhibiting more infections in young ones will be removed from the safe travel list across the world. But the government is not taking it seriously and encouraging young students to rejoin universities and enhance face-to-face interactions. If the results are horrible, the whole country will suffer economically and physically also.


Higher education policy:-

The Department for Education imposed a guidance plan, only on higher education, which includes a four-tier plan. It will respond to outbreaks if seen in any individual. The classes and departments will be classified into four tiers; only the medical courses and clinical teachings will be started as face-to-face. If the administration sees any rapid spread of coronavirus, the whole campuses will be locked down, and remote classes will start again. Under the control of the third tier, the authorities will impose local restrictions to the students, and the students will not be allowed to travel to their homes, they have to remain in their current accommodations, no matter if they are residing in the halls of hostels. The sole purpose of this policy is to reduce the risks of the spread of infectious coronavirus through travelling. The universities are not allowed to open cafeterias, playgrounds and music classes in this period.     


Difficulty in hostel accommodations:-

The government has imposed strict rules to all accommodations within the universities. The students will face a lot of difficulties while residing in university hostels. The private gatherings are entirely prohibited, while the normal number of students will not congest rooms. While there will be a restriction to use residential dining areas by all residents at the same time, only six students are allowed to use the dining area at one time, maintaining the physical distance strictly. The university management will take all possible precautionary measures to provide students with a COVID-free environment within the campuses.