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Title Creating a connected world with the Internet of Everything (IoE)
Category Internet --> Cybercafes
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Owner Tech sagar

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. Internet of Things (IoT) is about to change it all over again!” 

– Brendan O’Brien, Chief Architect & Co-Founder, Aria Systems

India is emerging as a growing digital hub and is exclusively encouraging the adoption of latest emerging technologies to achieve this goal. One emerging technology that is omnipresent today and is more deeply woven into the fabric of our lives is the Internet of Things (IoT). Defined in simple terms, IoT is a network of interconnected devices embedded in a wide gamut of objects ranging from household bulbs to thermal power stations enabling them to send and receive data via the internet. The very nature of this technology makes it extremely versatile, having limitless applications and opportunities for businesses. With wide acceptance, we are gradually moving to an Internet of Everything (IoE) from Internet of Things (IoT), where everything around us would be a computing or a sensing device.

IoT is revolutionising the way businesses perform mundane tasks by automating these processes to reduce time and human labour spent on them. Automation aims to apply human potential to more creative tasks and provides accurate results which cuts down error rates especially while working with heavy data. 

The ninth episode of TechSagar’s emerging tech webinar invited industry pioneers who dwelled on how IoT is bound to create a better-connected world and what measures businesses and the government must take to make best use of IoT for exemplary results.  

On the expert panelist we had, Mr. Sunil David, Advisor and Consultant to AI & IoT start-ups & Ex- regional Director AT&T and Mr. Adarsh Kumar, Co-founder, and CEO, TagBox and the session was moderated by Mr. Eshan Hira, Senior Analyst, Data Security Council of India (DSCI). 

Mr. Eshan Hira opened the conversation by elucidating on what IoT is and how it is encouraging India to mark its place in an era of Industry 4.0. He highlighted that India as a country is pushing itself to go completely digital and the government is also actively supporting new age startups and companies to use latest technological innovations to build their enterprise contributing to the ‘Digital India’ campaign. Among the emerging technologies prevalent today, the industry depends on IoT the most. 

During the conversation, many pertinent questions regarding this technology were asked and the panelists shared their insights on them. The webinar touched on various topics pertaining to IoT, like its scope in the telecom industry, its role in the metaverse, how IoT impacts supply chains, etc. The panelists revealed several facts about IoT and its future in our country. 

Key takeaways are: 

  • India will see maximum use of IoT due to backing of several drivers. 
  • Entities in India are following the path of digitization which is possible because of implementation of IoT. 
  • Various sectors benefitted by the use of IoT out of which the Telecom sector gained utmost benefit.
  • Though adoption of latest technology and innovation was low in India previously, because of the boom of start-ups, ground innovation is now possible. 

Mr. Adarsh Kumar whose expertise lies in supply chain management, elaborated further on how this state-of-the-art technology optimizes supply chain organization and how IoT sensors attached to them help navigate through transport. He also mentioned that in a scenario where any damage occurs, if any, how these sensors help detect what happened at the time of the incident. “Most commonly used signals are location and time in terms of IoT in transports. One can track the whereabouts of the consignment, where it reached, if it’s food items then the temperature inside the truck, did it reach the customer and much more. It’s like package tracking on Amazon but in B2B transportation or monetization.” stated Mr. Adarsh Kumar. 

The panelists further dwelled on how they are witnessing a radical shift in the industry because of the advent of IoT and are elated to see the government supporting them to use IoT to build up Indian start-ups. However, Mr. Sunil David did suggest that the GOI must provide proper legal rules for IoT implementation in the industry and further stressed on the fact that definitive terms and conditions will spring better outcomes which would give impetus to digital transformation. The panelists pondered over the impacts of IoT and its potential to change the way the world communicates. 

To grab further information on IoT and its potential, watch the entire webinar here (link) 

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