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Father is said to be that great person who gives his life to fulfill the needs, aspirations and dreams of his children. He works hard day and night so that his children can get what they lacked. But know why the society, literature and films also kept the father as a villain only.

A lot has been written on the greatness of the mother, but while writing on the father, everyone skimped. Sometimes it seems that people probably did not write on the father out of fear that the mother might be offended. This may sound strange in reading and hearing, but it happens often in families. No matter how much the parents love each other, but mothers have always considered their first right on the child. Perhaps because she shares her love, sorrow and pain with all her children, that's why the children also connect with the mother sooner and understand better.

why the father
Nowadays single parenting is very much in trend, but for proper upbringing of children, both mother and father are needed. Mother advises children to stay away from everything bad while father teaches how to face bad things/people and how to establish one's identity in society. Psychologically also, the father's shadow is necessary for the children because many things of the outside world that they can teach, the mother is not able to teach.

The child feels safe with the father. Children whose childhood is devoid of father's shadow often feel the lack of a safe environment and its effect is visible on their personality throughout their life. No matter how much we say that the society has changed, but even today only those children get respect whose father's name is associated with the children's name.

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Father's Role – Before and Now
I had a colleague, whenever she got tired, she would say oh papa! Usually we don't hear that, because often people say either Oh Mom! Speak or oh God!, or Allah!, oh God! That day I thought really we ignore the father even in the smallest things. Not intentionally, but from childhood, perhaps the image of the father is made such that even if the children want, they are not able to talk to them openly.

father used to be ideal
were teachers
There was an unspoken streak between the children and they could not communicate
His behavior was very gentle and responsible, perhaps that is why the children were afraid of him.
Now the role of father in the society has changed a lot, now he is the father, he is the father, he is the father.

He is still a role model, but not the old one, but today he is more of a friend, that's why children openly share everything with them. These days the wall between the children and the father is not there as it used to be.
Fathers still teach, are teachers, but the way has changed. Because children do what they see their father doing, that's why today's fathers are very careful that their child is not learning some wrong things from them.
Today the father is also accountable. Earlier they did not have the courage to ask questions in front of them, but today they are accountable to their families, their children, so their responsibility has increased more than ever.

Father carries the burden of expectations
A father's chest widens with pride when he sees himself as a role model in the eyes of his children. You must have also heard such words from the mouths of small children –

my dad is the strongest
My Daddy is my Hero
My Daddy is best
my dad is superman
I will tell papa he will beat you
my dad will bring me a lot of chocolates

Such rhetoric that comes out of the mouth of the children, where a father's chest widens with pride, while knowingly or unknowingly put a lot of hope on his shoulders. He does everything possible to become Superman, the hero of his children. They give their best to give their best, sometimes so much so that neither the man survives nor his super power.

Father has an important role in every society. If the mother is called the earth, then the father is considered as the sky. And children need both equally. The talk of women empowerment cannot reduce the importance of Father. No matter how powerful the women may have become, our society is still male dominant and to maintain it, whatever the status, there is a price to be paid, which the father also pays. It is a different matter that there is very little talk about it.

To maintain our dominance, we have to show ourselves to be strong, even when you are on the verge of breaking down, giving up on your weaknesses. But fathers can't show that because a child doesn't want to see their father lose and break because the father is their superhero. A person who has solution to every problem.

Leaving aside some customary fathers, it is said that daughters are closer to the father and sons to the mother. There are also special terms for these relationships in psychology. So you will not be surprised to know that Father's Day was started by a daughter, daughters are also very much attached to their father, but sons are also very attached to their father. Even though tiffs between father and son are common in most of the households after one age, but it is equally true that after giving birth to their child, somewhere they also become like their father. but why ?