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Title Festive Decor Ideas For Indian Homes
Category Family Home --> Apartment Living
Meta Keywords festive decor ideas, home decoration, home decor, festive season
Owner Harmanjot Singh

Festivals are the spirit of India. It brings fun, enthusiasm, and is a new beginning. But this year it is different. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 celebrations are no longer like before. However, one thing which hasn’t changed is the warmth of being at your own home with your family. To add more to it SBP group shares with you some Festive decor ideas to revamp your house for this festive season.

Choose some handmade accessories

You can go classic and stylish with some hand-crafted decoration pieces. There are multiple options available on the market, in different sizes, styles, materials, tones of color, and placements. Instead of going out to purchase this, you can order them online in the comfort and safety of your home.

DIY Diwali Toran

The Diwali festival is all about lights and colors. And because quarantine has helped people in reviving the artist inside of them, you can go for some DIY projects for home décor. Torans are positioned to welcome visitors at the entrance of a house and create a festive atmosphere. There’s a simple and fascinating way to build Torans for your house if you are passionate and imaginative.

Using recyclable materials like cardboard, crafted paper, excess ornaments, etc., you can create your Toran very quickly. All you have to do is decorate lights, waste ornaments, etc. with bits of cardboard. This will facilitate recycling and build a nice festive decor.

Options for home lighting for the festive season

In the living room, fairy lights can be used. They may be placed or put up against the wall along with the coffee table. As candles make a wonderful item of festive decor, you can use the scented candle in different areas of the house. Fragrant of the candles create a wonderful aroma which engulfs your room.

Diyas can add to your home’s glamour as well. There is also a deeper meaning attached to lighting a Diya. It is said that they reflect the transformation from darkness to light. You can uniquely organize Diyas for Diwali and let them float in a bowl filled with water and beautiful flower petals. If you have an unused large copper or ceramic bowl, you can put it to use by giving it a makeover with petals and Diyas.

Light diyas, not just close to the temple, but at the doorway. When placing diyas close to the main door, windows, or in the temple, keep security in mind. Opt for glass-covered diyas.

Decorate temple

The pooja room and the temple are the most ideal location to decorate your home at Diwali. Laxmi pooja is the major part of the Diwali celebration which takes place in a temple pooja space. You can decorate the temple with flower arrangements, such as roses, marigolds, and mogras for it. Write ‘Shubh Labh’ with Kum Kum on the white paper and keep it near the Lakshmi idol or photo.


Rangoli is an antiquated Hindu floor art, in which colored rice, colored sand, and flower petals are used to create patterns. With a hand-drawn rangoli to depict a traditional floor mat, this Diwali, create art of your own. Rangoli has been through years of Indian tradition just to ward off evil spirits, such as the daily white easy to elaborate decoration outside many Indian homes, but continues today even more as a celebrated art that women love to practice.

It also has a deeper significance. Rites, offerings, functions of the festival, social occasions, Rangoli augurs well for the house and wherever it is placed and is a welcome sign of good news and blessings from God.

Decorate with colors

The best time of the year to show colors in your living room is Diwali. As a simple hack for the living room, you can use handmade lanterns in green, purple-red, and blue colors, neatly hung from a string, straight across a wall. Home Decor of a beautiful handmade chandelier, made with various colored crepe paper and shiny streamers that will add to the beautiful and colorful Diwali theme, can also be positioned from the center of the ceiling.

Celebrate a clean and green Diwali

Make it a green Diwali, with plants in beautiful pots, decorating the inner and outdoor areas of your house. Arrange lighting and lamps to emphasize the freshness of plants strategically. .The advantage of plant decoration is that you do not have to move it even if the festival is over.

We hope that these festive decor ideas help you in getting in the mood of festivals and also in making your home look astonishing. Remember to be safe and celebrate your festive season while taking care of your health.

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