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Title Full Stack Developer Vs Specialized Developer : Smart Choice for Business
Category Business --> Information Technology
Meta Keywords hire full stack developer, hire specialized developer
Owner Chandresh Patel


Suppose you abruptly get the news of 25 guests visiting your home in the evening, and you are in a complete mess. You only have two options for assistance- a helper who would do the planning, cleaning, cooking, decorating, and setting up the dinner table, or second choice- a helper who can do excellent cooking and nothing else. Ofcourse, the meal is the most important part when you have guests but can you ignore the rest? What would you choose?


Entrepreneurs face a similar dilemma when they have the choice to hire full stack developer vs specialized developer. Software development demands varied skills like development, designing, database handling, hosting, and server management. The trickiest choice for entrepreneurs is:


???? Whether to hire a fullstack developer who will be capable of handling all the above-listed tasks,
???? Or hire individual experts for development, designing, and database management.


Let us help you take this decision wisely. Find out the importance of both fullstack and specialized developers and learn that hiring which of them will turn out to be fruitful for your project development.

Full stack Developer Vs Specialized Developer: Which Should You Hire?

Full Stack developer Vs Specialized developer


The first level is to know what differentiates these two types of progammers. Only then can you decide which of them is right for you to hire. An enterprise has limited funds and resources, and to utilize the optimum is a smart entrepreneurial move.


hiring full stack experts


A multi-talented source might be very flexible and useful to you in varied tasks, but all their tasks will be lacking up-to-the-mark performance. On the other hand, when you hire a skilled expert source who will be performing accurately in a specialized task, it will cost you immensely. Additionally, apart from the specialized task, all your remaining tasks will still be unattainable.


A multi-talented source will be affordable to you and need not be dependent on other resources. In contrast, some expert resources will accomplish your tasks with mastery and help you reach your goals. Though hiring several experts might be costly but that will be fruitful for your project quality.

What Makes up a Fullstack Developer?

makes up a Fullstack developer


A fullstack developer knows multiple technologies and skills and can undertake a project alone by fulfilling the required roles. Fullstack developers have acquired command over front-end and back-end technologies along with a broad skill set of project planning, software testing, filling the gap, taking crucial decisions, and much more.


The current market has good demand for fullstack developers, which will increase in the future. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a growth in job-openings for fullstack developers from 1.35 lakhs to 8.53 lakhs by 2024. The fullstack development trend shows no signs of downfall in the near-future.


The skillset of full stack developers includes the following:


skillset of full stack developers


The fullstack developers of Bacancy Technology have a vast pool of knowledge:


fullstack developers of Bacancy Technology

What Makes up a Specialized Developer?

specialized developer


Specialized developers have an acumen of either frontend or backend technology. The frontend comprises the visual aspect like the development of web pages, mobile application designs, and the interactive part. At the same time, the backend consists of server-side development and management of resources.


These skilled experts have vast experience in their field and hence can troubleshoot invariably tricky issues. When comparing full stack developers vs specialized developers, the later can build your project securely with robust features. Such developers tend to submit their work on-time and correctly.

Pros of Hiring Fullstack Developers

???? Quick Issue Identification


Fullstack developers are acquainted with all software development stages and thus can identify the issues quickly with your project development. You get to save crucial development time that is barged by such matters.


???? Quick learners


The all-around developers are really good at learning new concepts and technologies. Their deep understanding of specific technology basics has made them skilled experts and hence they can learn quickly.


???? Economical


With a fullstack developer onboard, you can accomplish the work of frontend and backend developer in one developer’s budget. Because a fullstack developer is versed with all aspects of project development, you need not require an entire team but a fullstack developer for your project.


When confused between full stack developer vs specialized developer, hiring a full stack developer over a specialized developer turns out to be an economical decision for your company.


???? Reduced development time


Fullstack developers work on the client-side as well as the server-side and hence can switch between varied tasks swiftly without any dependency. This saves your development time.


???? Reduced meetings and discussions


When you have separate front end and back end developers in your team, there are many meetings to understand both parties. When you have a fullstack developer in your group, there is no dependency on other members, so essential discussions and appointments are not needed.

Cons of Hiring Full Stack Developers

???? Lacking the latest technology trends


Fullstack developers work with diverse technologies, and hence they do not get the spare time to stay updated with the latest technology trends. If your product is based on emerging technologies and needs constant upgradation, then fullstack developers might not be helpful.


???? Difficulty in project tracking


There is no task-distribution in your team when your team comprises a fullstack developer. This is because fullstack developers take the whole project in bigger chunks and not small tasks. Once they start working on your project, it is not easy to track your work progress.


???? Average service


As the fullstack developers have a wide and varied pool of knowledge, they mostly lack expert skills in a particular domain. Thus, whenever your project comes to the point of needing an in-depth understanding of a subject, fullstack developers might not help.


They can provide average service but not the best-expected service for your project development.


???? Attrition


There is a high-demand for fullstack developers in the market, and hence they find varying beneficial opportunities at all times. Such a situation leads to a high attrition rate of fullstack developers.


???? Availability


If you have a fullstack developer onboard and in the middle of the project, they flunk your project, then you might be in a hard place to sustain. You are so dependent on the fullstack developer that you can’t afford to lose them.


The same reason applies when you are searching for fullstack developers for your project, you won’t easily find such in the market.

Pros of a Specialized Developer

Pros and cons


???? Quality Work


The specialized developers are skilled in their field of expertise, and hence you are sure to receive excellent quality of work from them. Compared to the fullstack developers, specialized developers provide superior work quality for your project development.


???? Updated with latest technical trends


Specialized developers are experts in a particular arena and hence they make sure that they are regularly updated with the latest trends in the domain. As you hire specialized developers for your project, you are certain of improving your project’s overall quality.


???? Easy allocation of responsibilities


When you have specialized developers in your team, it is straightforward to assign them responsibilities and tasks because their domains are specific. They can easily divide and allocate the undertakings.


???? Easy to hire


As compared to fullstack developers, you will easily find specialized developers in the market for your project development. Software development is hiking and hence the opportunities for developers. The market has an immense population of specialized developers, and thus you may get your desired developers for your business needs.

Cons of a Specialized Developer

???? High investment


When working with specialized developers, you need more than one developer in your team- for frontend development and backend development. On the other hand, when you go for fullstack developers, a single developer is sufficient for your project.


Thus, specialized developers demand high investment from your end.


???? Dependency


Your project work demands deeper dependencies when working with specialized developers. Both frontend and backend developers cannot march their workflow without each other’s updates.


???? Coordination


As there is higher dependency amongst the specialized developers’ team, it obviously demands more meetings and discussions to enable the project’s smooth functioning.

When to Choose a Fullstack Developer?

choose a Fullstack developer


◈ Small Project


You should hire fullstack developers when you want to develop a small project because they can independently work on varying technologies and solely accomplish your project goals. Fullstack developers can switch between tasks at any time and meet expectations.


◈ Low complexity project


Complex project require expert knowledge and skills, to which fullstack developers may not pertain.


However, projects having lower complexity are suitable for fullstack developers.


◈ Low budget


If your budget is low for your project development, you cannot afford specialized developers, and rather fullstack developers will be right for you.


◈ Time constraint


Fullstack developers are masters of multitasking, and they indeed have the multiple talents to fulfill a project development single-handedly. They aid you in faster project completion, and hence if you are running short on the timeline, then hiring a fullstack developer is a better option.


◈ Startup or small business


If you are a startup, you have time and budget constraints, and hence you should hire fullstack developer over specialized developers.

When to Choose a Specialized Developer?

choose a Specialized developer


◈ Large project


When your company has an extended project on hand, you should consider hiring a specialized developer team because they will systematically divide the large project into smaller tasks and systematically accomplish your goals.


◈ Project Quality


If your project is crucial and demands immense quality work and accuracy, hire specialized developers because they have precision and professional knowledge with an experience that will benefit your company.


◈ Complex project


Specialized developers are best to hire when you have to build a complex project. They have the in-depth knowledge and forte to work rigorously and attain targets.


Every project has its own custom requirements. Find out whether your project will need full stack developer vs specialized developer. As you are now aware of the perks that you shall gain by hiring fullstack developers for your startup, choose wisely. Bacancy Technology is a globally acclaimed full stack development company, and we host adroit developers who can propel your company’s growth with faster development and even speedier return on investments.