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Title He'll have to refine his speed-rush technique
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You'd love to have in an edge-rusher," Barnett said on his Move the Sticks podcast. "I had the privilege of being around Terrell Suggs at times with the Ravens who's another player who wasn't tested MUT 24 Coins all that well. But man, the guy was quick enough to be on the field. I'm sure you've seen some of those same things with Barnett. I don't think he's quite at that Suggs level, but I think he's definitely got a chance to be a double-digit-sack guy at the next level."

One saving grace is his performances against SEC opposition. Barnett often favored playing slow against Tennessee and the Volunteers, but he often put his best performances in crucial conference matches -- and the best offensive teams that the Volunteers faced. While an Alabama team is a from a Madden NFL 24 team but it's still a good sign.

What do Barnett need to do to ensure his success with the Eagles?

He'll have to refine his speed-rush technique while adding some new tricks in order to keep up with Madden NFL 24 offensive linemen. Madden 24 Nation's Stephen White points out that an improved inside movewhether that's kicking tackles in the back, working through the gap or developing a spin to redirect his speed to the pocket after taking his first couple of steps could make him a nightmare to opposing blockers.

Now clever tackles have the ability to cheat in knowing his main strategy of attack is to break the edge. Tacking on an equally strong inside rush could take that advantage away -- and make it easier for him to speed up as well.

There are several elite pass rushers in the league, and the price of their production is extremely high. Chandler Jones signed a five-year, $83.5 million deal to remain in Arizona during the offseason.  Tennessee's most productive linemen ever and that's not even including Reggie White, a Hall of the Famer. Now the Eagles are hoping that he will play at least a small fraction of that with the Madden NFL 24.

The Panthers offense has just become way more exciting after the team scooped up Christian McCaffrey with the No. 8 overall selection in the 2017 Madden NFL 24 pick.

McCaffrey's college record is his best among the entire class of the draft. At Stanford McCaffrey, he set the record for all-purpose yards in one season in 2015. racking up 2.019 rushing with 645 receiving. He also racked up 1.070 on kick return, and 130 on punt returns.

This was good enough to win him the 2015 Pac-12 offensive player of Year award, and nearly enough to snag the Heisman Trophy. While his numbers weren't quite as gaudy at the end of 2016. they was able to be the top player in the country in all-purpose yardage, despite having to finish with over 1.000 yards fewer than the season prior.

Big numbers in college don't necessarily mean that you're a successful Madden NFL 24 player. But McCaffrey's greatest strengths can be incorporated into a professional backfield, and his trademark versatility is a plus.

Big numbers in college don't necessarily mean that you're a successful Madden NFL 24 player. But McCaffrey's greatest strengths can be incorporated into a professional backfield, and his trademark versatility is a plus.

What McCaffrey excels at is finding seams, get his foot in the ground, and speed through the gaps to daylight. His performance at the combine confirm that capability to change directions and burst as does his extensive highlight reel from Stanford:

It's a skill that can be applied to any backfield, but it has also made him a useful player as a pass catcher and returner for the Cardinal. But there have been numerous players with a wide range of skills throughout their college careers before they were constrained to play one specific position in Madden NFL 24.

Myles Jack was awarded his Pac-12 offensive Freshman of the Year and Pac-12 defensive Freshman and of the Award of the Year. In the years prior to that, Eric Weddle did everything for Utah as a player, including playing 90 snaps in a 2006 game in which he scored just two touchdowns. He also served as the holder for the game-winning field goal.

"Could we be seeing the more efficient variant of Ty Montgomery with a higher ceiling? The range of a running back who is between the tackles equipped with broad receiver speed, as well as speed on the route is a huge advantage for every offense.

As both Jack Weddle and Jack Weddle were limited to single defensive positions in the Madden NFL 24 McCaffrey's versatility is unlikely to be wasted. He told reporters on March 1 that Madden NFL 24 teams told that they'd like to use his many talents to good use.

"It's basically the same stuff I've been doing at Stanford," McCaffrey said at the Madden NFL 24 Combine. "Something I am very proud on is that I am not just a running back that can catch the ball but if I make the move to the slot, I become a receiver. When I step out to X or Z I'm now a receiver and not a running back. I really try to pride myself on running routes in catching, running, and able to be a mismatch anywhere on the field."

His 2016 performance was hampered somewhat by an unidentified accident that ended his a game and forced him to leave out the bowl match of his collegiate career. McCaffrey's decision to skip participating in the Sun Bowl raised eyebrows, however Fournette took the same kind of choice, and it's unlikely it was the Madden NFL 24 teams took this into account in the least.

Two games McCaffrey didn't play in 2016 were the two games that he did not miss in his college career. McCaffrey also proved resilient at Stanford in which he often scored more than 30 touches per game.

The other issues with McCaffrey's size are his ability to block passes and his capacity to run through arm tackles the way it was done at Stanford. If McCaffrey doesn't succeed at his job, he'll be moved to a change-of pace job, which can be difficult to buy MUT 24 Coins justify spending a pick in the first round on.