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Title How does the Admin benefit from the OpenCart Marketplace Extension?
Category Business --> Information Technology
Meta Keywords OpenCart marketplace extension, Multi seller Marketplace module, Multi vendor Marketplace module
Owner Scott Morrison

The OpenCart marketplace extension has really been helpful for numerous eCommerce marketers. In fact, it has not only helped the admins convert their store but also continous to let them manage everything. Further, it is also a pleasant option for the sellers and the customers. However, we will be focusing on the admin in this blog.


This blog talks about the OpenCart Marketplace Module by Knowband and how it assists the admin. Now you can check it out below.


How does the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace module assist the administrator?


The administration of the commission is swift and easy


The OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension allows store administrators to simply manage the commission rates. Further, for different sellers based on a global rate assumption. On the other hand, he even set commission rates for certain vendors. In fact, everything is controllable seamlessly from the backend of the store.


Simple management of the vendor's record using an intuitive interface


The finest marketplace module may be selected from among the different available Marketplace plugins. In fact, as a consumer, have multiple options. The OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module by Knowband is the best option. Why? Because it has an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to manage several tasks. With this user-friendly seller dashboard, you may make rapid changes to the vendor's data.


Eliminates the inventory problem


Keeping up with and handling the most recent information is a demanding but fundamental task. It involves a significant amount of human effort and time spent managing inventory. There is no need for stock management for providing your items to online buyers with the development of this OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module. You'll save both time and money by using this method of stock administration.


Well-timed emails for the right kind of communications


If there are still people in the marketplace community who are worried, the OpenCart marketplace extension has a fantastic email notification structure in place to let them know as soon as something happens in the marketplace. It may provide buyers, sellers, and store administrators with all the information they need to make an informed decision at the genuine level regarding events occurring inside your online marketplace. As a result, you'll be able to make the best business decision the first time around.


Provides the required information to the buyer


In many cases, purchasers make online purchases without thinking about who to buy from. An OpenCart Marketplace Module may provide a list of all sellers and a star rating on the product page so that customers can make better online purchases. Buyers will have an easier time selecting the right sellers with this basic information. It gives buyers the ability to quickly find any seller on the market to help them make the best buying decision.


Provides customers with a useful product page


Because of its comprehensive product pages, the market has captured the attention of buyers from around the world. In order to encourage rapid purchasing decisions, customers may view important information including the name of the seller on the product page itself, as well as the seller rating. Aside from that, customers may find out about comparable items from a similar seller on the product page for a quick purchase.


In the End


The OpenCart marketplace extension is an eye-catching component for the buyer's community, and it may enhance their whole online buying experience. This OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace extension is jam-packed with features and maybe a huge benefit to customers as well as aid improve the overall online shopping experience. Get in touch with us at support@knowband.com for all your queries.