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Title How to Speed Up the Digital Transformation of Supermarkets in the New Era of Smart Retail
Category Computers --> Hardware
Meta Keywords Smart Supermarket, Smart Retail
Owner Alian

Oprfid Technology: Under the background of the new era, the trend of new consumption upgrading has emerged: on the one hand, after more than 10 years of rapid development of domestic retail e-commerce, the cost of online customer acquisition has approached the ceiling step by step, and some retail enterprises have fallen into the growth bottleneck; On the other hand, with the application of new technologies such as big data, AI and the Internet of things, more efficient online and offline transaction processes, more intelligent technologies and solutions have become a powerful weapon for retail enterprises to build a "second growth curve".

Facing the trend of consumer centered retail industry, how retailers accelerate digital transformation, realize online and offline integration, and realize "quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase" in the trend of omni-channel smart retail is an important issue faced by many retail enterprises.

In this context, many technology companies deeply engaged in the retail industry began to build the benchmark of retail smart physical stores through cross domain cooperation. For example, the comprehensive cooperation between Huawei and dmall, through the "intelligent IOT" to build the business supermarket Internet of things, build the automation and intelligence of physical stores, and implement the relevant applications of smart retail industry scenarios, has not only solved the problem of digital upgrading of business supermarket stores, but also brought reference commercial value to the whole retail industry.


Huawei & dmall's practice of "Internet of things in supermarkets"

Leveraging the digital upgrading of supermarket stores

Since 2020, in order to get rid of the impact of the epidemic on the development of enterprises, some retail enterprises have significantly accelerated the integration of offline and online businesses, and reduced a large number of repeated manual work in physical stores by introducing various automation and remote cooperation technologies and intelligent devices. The development of the whole retail industry has undergone unprecedented changes.

These changes can occur, and efficient and smooth network connection is one of the key factors.

So, what is the relationship between smart retail based on efficient connection and digital transformation?

Network is the transmission nerve of smart retail. In the new era of smart retail, without a good network, data cannot be effectively collected, which will affect operations, and digital transformation will be difficult to achieve. From this perspective, building a flexible and efficient network connection is a river that many retail enterprises must cross in the process of digital transformation.

The process of digital transformation needs to go through five stages of continuous accumulation and upgrading: information enhancement, scene digitization, business digitization, data capitalization and digital transformation. In this process, connection + intelligence is the basis for building digital transformation. Only with a good foundation can we release the surging power of retail digital transformation, so as to bring greater business value to enterprises.

This is particularly evident in the cooperation between Huawei and dmall in building the "supermarket Internet of things".

Founded in 2015, dmall is a leading Omni channel digital retail joint cloud service provider in Asia. At present, it has reached cooperation with more than 120 chain retailers and brands, covering 15000 stores in four countries and regions; With comprehensive digital services, it helps physical retail enterprises realize online and offline integration and channel integration, and helps retail enterprises improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency while improving consumer experience.

In order to build a benchmark for smart store construction, based on the actual business scenario needs of retail stores, dmall and Huawei jointly built the "supermarket Internet of things" to help dmall supermarkets comprehensively improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Quality improvement: through multi network integration, provide stable and efficient network access for consumers in stores, and provide efficient connection for more intelligent terminals and Internet of things devices, so as to bring users a more personalized and intelligent shopping experience.

Cost reduction: through the construction of an integrated network common to all stores in the country, realize the integrated management of multiple networks and one-stop visual management of the whole network, so as to comprehensively reduce the cost of network operation and maintenance; In the future, we can also connect more intelligent devices such as air conditioners, refrigerators and lighting in stores through the Internet of things, and effectively reduce the operating costs of each store through digital management.

Efficiency: through the high-performance network layout, the network efficiency is greatly improved under the condition of less cost investment, which meets the growing business needs of enterprises.

In short, the practice of Huawei & dmall in the "supermarket Internet of things" is upgrading the store network from inefficient repetition of traditional retail stores to multi network integration to adapt to smart retail, with lower cost and higher efficiency, so as to accelerate the process of digital upgrading of supermarket stores.


In the new era of smart retail, Huawei & dmall "connect + smart"

Perfectly solve the old problem of digital upgrading of supermarket stores!

New technologies always come to solve the old pain points, which is also one of the greatest values of new technologies and new technologies.

The reason why Huawei & dmall "supermarket Internet of things" came into being is also very simple: for a long time, there are some unavoidable pain points in the network construction of large supermarket stores.

For example, the AP density of some large supermarket stores is too high, resulting in mutual interference of wireless channels and affecting the efficiency of network access. Too much AP investment also causes waste, resulting in increased investment and operation and maintenance costs; In addition, the old network equipment can not expand the integration ability of IOT in the era of smart retail, which also makes the digital transformation of some supermarket stores difficult.

How to solve the above pain points? The solution jointly proposed by Huawei and dmall is to integrate Wi Fi 6 and a variety of Internet of things devices.

Compared with the network layout of other network providers, Huawei Wi Fi 6 multi network integration has the following obvious advantages.

Less AP investment cost: according to the actual deployment case, Huawei can achieve the same coverage effect by investing 15% less equipment than other suppliers for the same coverage area. This is mainly due to the smart antenna technology from 5g, which increases the coverage of AP, effectively improves the Wi Fi transmission efficiency and reduces the cost of equipment investment.

More economical operation and maintenance cost: the expansion ability of the Internet of things of Huawei Wi Fi 6 AP is mainly through multi network integration to realize "one network in hand, I have the overall situation", which greatly reduces the investment and operation and maintenance cost of various store networks, including Wi Fi, Bluetooth, electronic price tag, RFID, etc. The data shows that under the premise of the same coverage area, choosing a single store of Huawei integrated base station can save about 30% of the cost.

Faster transmission efficiency: as the leader of new network technology, Huawei Wi Fi 6 realizes unified management, decentralized operation and maintenance through cloud management scheme, and reduces interference and improves transmission efficiency through the distribution management of different 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands.

Wider intelligent connection: Huawei Wi Fi 6 multi network integration supports multiple types of IOT extensions such as Wi Fi, ESL (electronic price tag), RFID, ble and ZigBee mainstream IOT protocols, which can realize full scene intelligent connection.

It can be seen that connection + intelligence is the focus of Huawei Wi Fi 6 multi network integration.

What is connection? Taking the business supermarket as the main scenario, by efficiently connecting different business supermarket applications, we can create a more perfect business supermarket Internet of things experience while integrating multiple networks, reducing cost and improving quality.

What is intelligence? It is to fully connect all kinds of intelligent IOT terminals + dmall system in Shangchao to realize intelligent perception and efficient access to business information.

To this end, Huawei and dmall jointly created a 1 + 1 + 1 + n scheme, which uses one platform, one network and one set of equipment to connect the "standard configuration" of N Internet of things terminals, becoming a classic demonstration of smart retail.

To sum up, the 1 + 1 + 1 + n scheme is a store Internet of things management platform, which provides one-stop intelligent operation and maintenance services and manages routers, APS and other equipment; 1 network unifies the store network, connects the headquarters and a large number of store branches, and achieves network flattening; Through one set of equipment, provide services including Wan, LAN network, Wi Fi, electronic price tag, RFID equipment, firewall, Internet behavior management and so on; After the integration of Shangchao IOT network, n IOT terminals such as electronic price tag, PDA, self-service checkout machine, intelligent shopping cart, air conditioner, freezer and lighting can be fully connected.

In short, Huawei & dmall "connection + intelligence" not only reduces the repeated construction of overlapping beds, saves investment and operation costs for retail enterprises, but also further improves retail efficiency, brings more comfortable consumption experience to consumers, truly realizes the intelligent Internet of things and integrated management of retail stores, and perfectly solves the old problem of digital upgrading of supermarket stores!


Deep ploughing connection + intelligence, platform + ecology,

Provide one-stop digital solutions for retail supply chain!

One of the signs of large-scale development of an industry is the increasingly refined division of labor and cooperation in the industry.

Taking stock of the cooperation between Huawei and dmall and the solutions jointly launched, it is not difficult to find that the essence of this case is to realize the "fine division of labor and cooperation" of smart retail from different levels through data collection at the perception layer, network connection at the platform layer, big data analysis and asset management at the application layer, which provides a new surging power for the digital transformation of retail enterprises.

We are delighted to see that in the new era of smart retailing, more and more retail technology companies like dmall are always focusing on the consumer experience. In the development of the times, they continue to take 5g, big data and the Internet of things as "sharp tools" through the perfect integration of new technologies and physical stores, and calmly deal with all kinds of uncertainties and great challenges brought to enterprises by the changes of the times, And create new achievements in the development of digital economy in this process.

Looking forward to the future, Huawei and dmall will practice the automation and intellectualization of physical stores through more innovative cooperation and the application of new technologies, deeply cultivate connection + intelligence and platform + ecology, provide one-stop digital solutions for the retail supply chain, and realize the business closed loop of improving quality, reducing cost and increasing efficiency by accelerating the digital, intelligent transformation and cross-border integration of the retail industry.