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Title It’s here! Best Collection of Quality Travel Tips for Diabetics
Category Fitness Health --> Alternative
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Owner Girish Banvi

It’s here! Best Collection of Quality Travel Tips for Diabetics


travel tips for diabetes


Time to Travel! Well, everyone in the world loves to travel and build lifelong memories. The first priority for people with Diabetes, although, is to make sure that health is on track during the time of travel. You have to plan a lot of things, and health tips are part of the big list.

To make sure you have no hurdles on a trip, we have created this extensive travel Guide of all the tips you would require while traveling. Many things must be taken care of, and in this post, you will find all of them. Reading all the travel Guide points will make sure that you have a smooth trip while your health is on track!

What traveling does to a Diabetic?

Traveling is fun, but it brings along many changes in the form of delayed meals, a lot of physical activity, changed meals and schedules, and a lot more. Your body will get to witness a complete change from the regular schedule of working, which directly affects your health conditions.

Without taking due care of all the necessary steps and tips, you can potentially face a lot of problems, including sudden spike or drop in blood sugar, which can ruin your trip. Believe me, you don’t want to face a doctor while traveling, and following the travel guide will make sure that you don’t have to!

Concerns of a diabetic while traveling

There are numerous concerns for people with Diabetes for their travel plans. I am going to list out some of the major ones so that you can have an idea – 

  • Getting short of medicines and then not getting them in the city you are traveling
  • Sudden spike or fall in blood sugar levels
  • Sudden changes in Blood Sugar affecting and making other problems in the body
  • Getting questioned about your medication from foreign authorities
  • Feeling extreme hunger
  • Paying hugely for medical bills in another city or country in case the situation arises

Top Travel Tips for Diabetics

We will be dividing the travel tips into sections for your convenience. You can follow the pattern according to your travel schedule and be equipped with all the necessary tools. Although, there are some essential travel tips that you must take care – 

  • Keeping abundant stock of your medicines
  • Getting travel insurance done for your trip
  • Maintaining a healthy stock of food for emergencies
  • Getting a Doctor’s note
  • Regularly getting your Blood Sugar levels checked

Now, going into the details, we have divided the tips into three sections namely

  • Before Traveling
  • During Traveling
  • After reaching your destination

Let’s understand the travel tips for each of the stages in detail.

Things to do before starting your journey

1. The first thing to do before your trip is to meet your Doctor and get tested properly.

You have to make sure that you are fit for travel. Along with that, make sure to

traveling tips

  • Get a note from the Doctor about your prescriptions
  • Ask about the change of medication schedules according to the new time zones
  • Ask about all the precautions and instructions regarding the country you are traveling

2. Medical Bracelet

medical bracelet

Get a medical bracelet and write down about all your medical problems and other important details, including blood group, family contact, etc.

3. Adequate Quantity of Medicines

adequate quantity of medicines

Make sure to buy an adequate quantity of medicines for your trip. Make sure to keep extra stock in case you lose some or any other reason.

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4. Diabetic Meal

diabetic meal

Give instructions to your flight company about your diabetic meal.

5. Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Buy travel insurance covering all major health emergencies.

6. Ready to eat meals

ready to eat meals

Make sure to buy ready to eat meals and other eatables you can eat if you do not find food nearby for a few hours. It is common for you to spend some time without any food while traveling and having some ready to eat will save your blood sugar from dropping.

7. TSA notification card

TSA notification card

Get an optional TSA notification card, which will smoothen your clearance at the airport.

8. Pack your medicines properly

pack your medicines properly

Make sure to pack your medicines properly and also keep extra medication in your smaller bag that you will carry along so that you have spare medicine in case your luggage is lost.

Things to do while traveling

Follow all these tips for enjoying a smooth journey – 

alarms for medicines/insulin

1.   The first thing to do is set alarms for medicines/insulin according to your destination’s time zone.