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Title KAVACH a range of accessories launched by Hyundai Mobis to help prevent COVID
Category Automotive --> Classic Cars
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Owner Hyundaimobisin

The world came to a pause when the COVID19 pandemic struck. Locked in our homes, behind the closed doors, we did our best to help prevent the spread and stay safe by following social distancing norms. Now, we are slowly getting used to the new normal and resuming our daily routine but with precautions. 

To get you all geared up for stepping out and be safe, Hyundai Mobis has launched six new accessories to protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses while on the go. KAVACH, a range of Hyundai Mobis accessories that focuses on health, care and hygiene. It is an initiative to protect the customers and keep them safe, informed & aware as they step out. 

Here is the all new range of KAVACH accessories-  

KN95 Face Mask: 

It's imperative to wear a face mask before you step out of your homes, be it for a day or even for 10 minutes. KN95 Face Mask offers first-line protection against the spread with four-layer high-quality fabric and 95% filtration efficiency.


A humidifier helps in maintaining air humidity. It reduces the risk of catching flu and ease its symptoms. By adding moisture to the air, it effectively prevents dryness and irritation of the skin and helps in battling allergies. 

Activated Carbon: 

Activated Charcoal helps in trapping toxins and gases due to its toxin binding properties. Hyundai Mobis offers 100% organic Activated Carbon made from bamboo charcoal which removes the car odour and gives it a fresh feel. It is easy to handle with a long shelf life and is also available with hanging. 

Vacuum Cleaner: 

Keeping in mind the current scenario, it's necessary to keep your car interior clean and hygienic. There are surely some tough spots to clean in a car, but with the help of Car Vacuum Cleaner by Hyundai Mobis, it is easy and effortless. With copper core motor and HEPA filtration stainless steel filter, there will be no trace of dust and dirt.

Antibacterial Spray: 

To double-check your safety, Hyundai Mobis has launched an antibacterial spray to disinfect the interior of your car. It is an alcohol-based neutralizer, which is very useful to clean unreachable and critical surfaces like plastic, trims, etc. 

Infrared Temperature Checking Gun: 

Nowadays, it is vital to keep a check on our health as well as our surroundings. The Infrared Temperature Checking Gun helps in keeping a check on temperature without coming in close or direct contact with a person. It is quite useful for frequent travellers. 

Consumer's safety has always been a priority for Hyundai Mobis be it while on the road or off the tracks. Genuineness of products assure safety and when it comes to life and healthcare, there is no other alternative. To make it more convenient and safer, now you don't even need to step out of your house to inquire about Hyundai Genuine Accessories. Just download the Hyundai Genuine Accessories App from App Store or Play Store and browse through the wide range of Hyundai Genuine Accessories. 

And most importantly stay safe, stay home.  

App Store: http://bit.ly/MAppStore

Play Store: http://bit.ly/MoPlayS