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Title Laxmi Vishnu Kamal Plant
URL https://thespiritualgreen.com/plant/
Category Reference --> Open Access Resources
Meta Keywords Vastu Plants | Indoor Plants Indore | The Spiritual Green, Laxmi Vishnu Kamal Plant
Meta Description Buy indoor Vastu-friendly plants in Indore. Plants Available · 1. LAXMI/VISHNU KAMAL · 2.CRASSULA · 3.FIDDLE LEAF FIG · 4. Zamioculcas Zami folia and more.
Owner The Spiritual Green
Vishnu Kamal/Laxmi Succulents are revered in India as a manifestation of the deity Laxmi, known as ""The Goddess of Wealth."" This plant is said to bring wealth and prosperity into the home and office. The plants of this succulent add positivity to your environs and make you feel refreshed and lively. According to Vaastu Shastra, keeping a Laxmi Vishnu Kamal Plant in the house/office can eliminate all architectural ""Vaastu dosh."" (Better if maintained in the northeast direction of the house/workplace, ""Ishaan Disha"") For more details check: https://thespiritualgreen.com/plant