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Title Learn Java Step By Step Fast and Free
Category Computers --> Computer Science
Meta Keywords java,learn java, how to learn java, java for beginer
Owner Animesh

We need to learn Java as Java is one of the best and finest languages in the world. Java programming language has been on the top-rated chart due to the fact its introduction in the ’90s. Most of the world’s renowned providers use Java to construct their cellular and desktop applications and also their webs.

Likewise, Java can operate just about all systems. Wow! That is big! Also, they are the most well-known language for Android devices. Little question of why Android apps are Java-centered designed. Java has something extremely peculiar and appealing.

The long-time and seemingly old-fashioned rendition of languages can run without the need of worry on it since more recent variations have released. What a programming language Java is! This straightforward characteristic of Java has and will generally set a smile on the people experience as they will not have to hassle themselves with any code rewrite after newer versions of Java are out.

Topics I am going to cover

Basic JAVA

  • Introduction
  • Applications of JAVA
  • Applications of JAVA
  • System Requirements for NetBeans
  • Basic Syntax of JAVA
  • Java First Program
  • JAVA Identifiers
  • Java Modifiers
  • Java Variables
  • JAVA Eum
  • Keywords in java
  • Comments in Java
  • JAVA Operators
  • JAVA IF Statement
  • Nested if in JAVA
  • Looping in JAVA
  • For Loop
  • Enhanced for loop in JAVA
  • While loop in JAVA
  • Do while
  • Nested For loop in java
  • Java Labelled for Loop
  • Java Break Statement
  • Break Statement with the inner loop
  • Break Statement with Labelled for loop
  • JAVA Break Statement with While loop
  • JAVA Switch Statement
  • Java Continue Statement
  • Java Continue Statement with Inner Loop
  • Java Continue Statement in while loop

Advanced JAVA

  • Java Arrays
  • Passing Arrays to Methods
  • Returning an Array from a Method
  • Multidimensional Arrays in JAVA
  • Multiplication of 2 Arrays in JAVA
  • Java Methods
  • Parameters and Arguments
  • Method Overriding and Overloading
  • Overloading in JAVA
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • What is OOP?
  • Benefits of OOPS
  • Reuse of code through inheritance
  • Class Properties in JAVA
  • Constructor in JAVA
  • Pillars of JAVA Object-Oriented Programming
  • Encapsulation in Java
  • Inheritance in Java
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Polymorphism in Java
  • Static Polymorphism
  • Dynamic Polymorphism
  • IS-A & HAS-A Relationships
  • Interfaces in Java
  • Generalization and Specialization
  • Access Specifiers in JAVA

Practice Question for Exercise which can be solved by JAVA

Introduction to Java

Goals Let’s touch on a few important goals of these tutorials before we get started. or instance, books will skip programming style sections, common pitfalls, debugging, good /bad programming practices and debugging. This tutorial covers best programming practice exercises and programs for you to learn and understand easily.

  • This Blog Tutorial consists of a lot of daily life example programs for the understanding of concepts, which helps learners to understand in effective and better way.
  • Provide practice programs at the end of tutorial documents.


Java is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based, object-oriented, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. It is intended to let application developers write once, run anywhere (WORA),[15] meaning that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of the underlying computer architecture. The syntax of Java is similar to C and C++, but it has fewer low-level facilities than either of them. As of 2019, Java was one of the most popular programming languages in use according to GitHub particularly for client-server web applications, with a reported 9 million developers.

Java was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (which has since been acquired by Oracle) and released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform. The original and reference implementation Java compilers, virtual machines, and class libraries were originally released by Sun under proprietary licenses. As of May 2007, in compliance with the specifications of the Java Community Process, Sun had relicensed most of its Java technologies under the GNU General Public License. Meanwhile, others have developed alternative implementations of these Sun technologies, such as the GNU Compiler for Java (bytecode compiler), GNU Classpath (standard libraries), and IcedTea-Web (browser plugin for applets).

Language designers: James Gosling

Language paradigms: Procedural programming.

  • To understand how JAVA improves object-oriented features.
  • To learn how to write inline functions for efficiency and performance.
  • To learn the syntax and semantics of the JAVA programming language.
  • To learn how to design JAVA classes for code reuse.
  • Applications of JAVA
  • Desktop GUI ApplicationsJava provides GUI development through various means like Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), Swing and JavaFX. …
  • Mobile Applications: …
  • Embedded Systems: …
  • Web Applications: …
  • Web Servers and Application Servers: …
  • Enterprise Applications: …
  • Scientific Applications
  • JAVA can also be used in the making of Android Applications now it is replaced by Kotlin.

Installation of Compiler

Java can be downloaded and install from Oracle’s site.

Other Software for JAVA:

  • Notepad ? You can use any simple word editor on Windows machine.
  •  Netbeans ? An open-source, free Java IDE which can be downloaded.
  • Eclipse ? A Java IDE developed by the open-source eclipse community.

Tools available in java


JDKJava development kit
JavacThe java compiler
javaThe java interpreter
javadocGenerates the API documentation in plain HTML format from Java source code
appletviewerA java interpreter that executes java applet
jdbThe java debugger-it helps in finding and fixing bugs
javapThe java disassembler-displays the accessible functions and data in a compiled
class file.It also displays the meaning of the byte codes.
javahCreates c header files that can be used to make c routines that can call java routines or make c
routines that can be called by java program.

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