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Title Microsoft 365 security training
URL https://penzu.com/p/30b1cd24878c3ff7
Category Education --> Distance Learning
Meta Keywords Microsoft 365 security training
Meta Description Microsoft 365 security training
Owner microtek learning
Microsoft 365 Security Training is a comprehensive program designed to enhance digital defense within the Microsoft 365 environment. Participants delve into identity and access management, learning to implement multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies for heightened security. The course covers threat protection strategies, equipping users to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks through Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. Attendees gain proficiency in data governance and compliance measures, ensuring sensitive information remains secure and regulatory requirements are met. With hands-on exercises, the training hones incident response skills, empowering users to efficiently manage and recover from security breaches. Overall, Microsoft 365 Security Training provides a holistic approach to fortifying organizational cyber resilience within the Microsoft ecosystem.