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Title nationalism and internationalism are opposing and mutually exclusive.
URL https://politicalsimmi.blogspot.com/2020/05/nationalism-and-internationalism-are.html
Category Education --> Research
Meta Keywords nationalism, internationalism, covid19, india, politics, indian politics
Meta Description Nationalism is the political concept about having the nation's own identity and freedom which does not undermine the freedom of other nations. It’s in line to best serve humanity and its principals.
Owner raj kapoor
Nationalism denotes ideas, feelings & actions related to indigenous, patriotic essence; whereas, Internationalism holds up closeness with globalization. The senses of nationalism and internationalism are ordained from opposite poles. So, differences are inevitable between them. Some factors that shape the growth of internationalism include trade, safer and faster transportation, and improved communication. It encourages internationalism and co-operation among countries, but it may also erode the sovereignty of nation-states.