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Title New Electrical Panel Installation
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Owner Anthony Korculanic

Electrical panels, also referred to as breaker panels or a fuse box, are a part of the electricity supply system that allocates different amounts of the electrical power feed to subsidiary circuits. This panel also serves as a protective fuse for every single circuit within a common enclosure. As a homeowner, you may want to have a new electrical panel installed to replace an electrical panel that has either broken down or is no longer sufficient in terms of power for your needs. If your panel fails you run the risk of damaging all of your electrical equipment in your home. Fortunately, here at Electrical Panel Solutions, our professionals are skilled and equipped to install a new residential electrical panel in a timely manner.

Obviously, You might be familiar with our Gen 2 install video, but now we have a new and improved video, starring the Tesla charger installation. This guide is to better prepare you and familiarize yourself with the process, not to give you step-by-step instructions, as I’m not an electrician. you don’t want to spend money on electric panel replacement if it isn’t needed. if your knowledge of the electricity supply system is limited, you may not be sure whether it is worthwhile for you to get a new fuse box. Before considering an electrical panel upgrade make sure to talk to a licensed electrician to make sure you are getting an honest price. As a homeowner, here are a few things you should consider when it comes to circuit breaker replacement.

Be on the lookout for signs of electrical panel failure. Some signs of electrical panel failure include damaged service cables, excess moisture, improper wiring, and more. Electrical panel failure can lead to electrical arcing, which occurs between the buss bar and the circuit breaker. This arcing can often lead to small fires which can ultimately lead to larger fires. It can also lead to the circuit breaker, during a condition of overload, failing to trip. Circuit breakers that do not trip do not prevent large surges of power from moving through and destroying whatever you have plugged into your outlets. Both scenarios can cause heat to build up in the circuit breaker, ultimately leading to a fire. Even if you don’t care about the efficiency of your electrical supply panel, you should still replace a failing circuit breaker as quickly as possible because it can pose a huge threat to your families safety.

Another reason why you should consider breaker panel replacement is if your current fuse box is obsolete. To replace a fuse box that is obsolete is to save yourself from issues with the electrical panel in the future. Obsolete panels refer to panel models which are known to fail and cause serious damage to your electrical systems. If your home is older, you likely have one of three electrical panels: Federal Pacific electrical panel, ITE pushmatic electrical panel, and Zinsco electrical panels. While there are many differences between these three types of electrical panels, a commonality is that they’re all obsolete. Even if your fuse box works fine now, you can expect that the fuse box will start to fail within a few years or even sooner. Therefore, you should have the fuse box replaced now. Remember that prevention is always easier than solving a problem that has already unraveled. Get a new electrical panel installation today before you have to deal with fuse box issues in the future.

If your circuit breaker is neither failing or obsolete, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider replacing your circuit breaker. It may turn out that your electrical panel is not sufficiently powerful based on your electrical needs. Your electrical panel might have been improperly wired or manufactured, this situation is typical if your panel was installed by an amatuer electrician. If you suspect that’s the case, we can have one of our professionals inspect your electrical panel. 200-amp electrical panels are recommended for the average home. However, your electrical panel like many older panels may only be a 60-amp or 100-amp panel. While this might be suitable for you now, a future remodeling project may require that you have a 200-amp panel. While it may be tempting to save a little money by purchasing a 150-amp panel for a replacement, it’s best to spend the extra money and go for the 200-amp model. Bend the wires so that they keep a neat appearance when the outlet repairs is complete. That way, you’ll be less likely to run out of space or power in the future, especially if your needs as a homeowner end up changing. Essentially ensuring that your home is completely future proof is an excellent course of action when you consider an electrical panel upgrade.

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