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Title Normal Blood Sugar Levels for a Healthy Body
Category Fitness Health --> Alternative
Meta Keywords diabetes,normal blood sugar,fasting blood sugar
Owner Girish Banvi

Normal Blood Sugar Levels for a Healthy Body

Normal Sugar Levels|Normal Blood Sugar Levels|Blood Sugar Range


They say, what you eat is what you are! Your health is mostly dependent upon how you manage your diet along with the lifestyle you lead. However, given the busy lifestyle led by today’s generation, it could actually be hard to keep up with a good lifestyle. This is why diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Attack, etc have been taking a toll over the youth with numbers rising every passing day. People develop diabetes occurs when the Blood Sugar Levels or the Blood Glucose Levels or the Blood Sugar Concentration increases more than normal.

What is Glucose?

Glucose is actually a simple form of sugar. Approximately, humans have around 4 grams of the glucose present in the blood for an average weight of 70 kilogram. With the help of metabolic homeostasis, our body regulates the blood sugar levels at regular intervals. Glucose is actually stored in the liver cells and skeletal muscles as glycogen. The fasting blood sugar level, i.e. blood sugar levels without eating for hours is actually maintained constantly at a certain number by the body by use of the glycogen stores present in the skeletal muscles or liver.

How Important Is Glucose for Humans?

Among humans, the amount of glucose present in the blood plays a major role. It is a primary energy source which is critical to normal functioning of the body and brain. Blood sugar levels or glucose levels generally show up lowest as you wake up early in the morning. It rises up slowly as you take your meal for the day by few milimoles. Now, any of the diabetes educators will tell you that blood sugar levels that go way beyond the normal usually point towards conditions such as diabetes. While some opt for allopathic medications for controlling these heightened blood sugar levels, some opt for Ayurvedic medicine for sugar level fluctuations.

Blood Sugar Chart


Fasting Blood Glucose Level

2 Hours After Meals


Normal for Person without diabetes

70-99mg/dl (3.9-5.5 mmol/L)

Below 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L)

Below 5.7 percent

Official ADA Recommendation for Patient with Diabetes

80-130 mg/dl (4.4-7.2 mmol/L)

Below 180 mg/dl (10.0 mmol/L)

Below 7.0 percent


Types of Diabetes

1-Diabetes Mellitus (Hyperglycemia):

Blood sugar levels with diabetes mellitus remain on the higher side which is way above the normal level stated above. In this condition, when unchecked, people with diabetes might experience the blood sugar levels rising above 300 mg/dl. This leads to fatal reactions and medical complications.

2-Diabetes Insipidus (Hypoglycemia):

Diabetes Insipidus also affects your blood sugar levels but, in a manner that is opposite to Diabetes Mellitus. Here, the blood glucose levels go way below the normal leading to seizures, dizziness, unsteadiness, etc.

When should you start taking medications?

Any level of glucose that is way above or below normal can affect the way your body operates leading to major deterioration. Make sure you get a blood test to ensure that you aren’t diabetic. Even if you are pre-diabetic, it is suggested that you should opt for medical advice and start taking medications to ensure that your blood sugar levels are under control.

Try to monitor information such as:

  • Medication can affect your blood glucose level, so make sure you monitor the dosage and type of medication you take.
  • What you eat, when you eat, or if you had been fasting.
  • The amount of physical exercise you opt in to ensure that your high blood sugar remains normal

Now, there are many holistic ways to control your blood sugar levelsAyurvedic medicine for sugar