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Title Online Mock Test Series for Bank Exams,Free Mock Tests for-Bank PO
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Importance of Mock Tests for IBPS RRB 2020 Exam


The regional rural bank is out there waiting for its new employees to rule the financial security of the rural areas. The aspirants who are dreaming of bagging top ranks in IBPS RRB 2020 exam cannot exclude practicing mock tests for the exam. It doesn’t matter how much you prepare, how much you studied, what kind of strategy you adopted, without practicing mock tests and previous year question papers you cannot excel the examination according to the latest trends of the examination. The Entri blog discusses the importance of practicing mock tests in order to acquire the top ranks of the IBPS RRB examination 2020.

What is a Mock Test?

Mock tests mean the sample tests of the upcoming examination conducted by an institute or firm according to the latest trends of the examination. The Institute of Banking Personal (IBPS) conducts recruiting examinations towards Officer Scale I, Officer Scale II, Officer Scale III and office assistant (Multipurpose) of Regional Rural Bank (RRB) in every year. By understanding the pattern and trends of the examination Entri offers different kinds of mock tests to aspirants in order to improve their preparation and performance.

Why is Mock test Important?

This is one of the fundamental questions that we deal with over this blog. A person who has been studying for the IBPS RRB exam might be confused about understanding the need for a mock test. He / she might think that “the exam has a syllabus; it insists on covering a particular topic. Then why do I need to have a mock test. After all it’s just a mock right not the original.”


The Time and Speed

The time and speed are not just attributable skills in the examination but a rank determining factor in the competitive examination especially IBPS RRB examination 2020. If we want to get to know about the importance of the speed and available time for the examination, we have to look into the pattern of the question of IBPS RRB examination


Any Kind of Mock tests enough?

Ok. You may be convinced of the importance of the mock tests in IBPS RRB examination and you may be convinced of the psychological influences that can impart in your brain for better performances in the examination but you will have a doubt that whether any mock tests is enough or not. The answer is NO!

Because the human mind will act like a ladder. You cannot jump to the final step of the ladder from the ground. You have to go through each of the steps in order to get into the final step. Likewise the gravity of the toughness and increase of the speed of your examination in the mock tests is important. The mock tests should be designed like that. The gravity of then toughness should be increased from the beginner’s level in order to increase the speed of your calculation also.


Precision: Don’t be in a misguided judgment of endeavoring more number of questions to get a more number of marks. You are appearing for the competitive exam, it is important to focus on correctness rather than being in haste of attempting all the questions on the exam paper. Because even a single wrong answer may put your scores down. So, it is suggested to attempt 80 percent questions with full correctness than attempting the complete exam paper with low correctness.

Use time: You will be made 200 questions to reply in a constrained timeframe. It is encouraged to endeavor the least difficult questions first and check the related ones for audit. This would help you in making the best utilization of the time given. You will have the capacity to endeavor what you know accurately and in this way, you will bring down the danger of squandering your opportunity installing out with difficult questions.


Reexamine, reflect and learn: You have two days in your grasp, things being what they are, why not worry over the syllabus and get down to reconsidering what you have effectively done? The most ideal approach to get the vast majority of the days you are left with is to illuminate earlier years’ questions papers and this current years’ deride test papers. Sit with clock and endeavor to unravel the paper in three hours on the grounds that, in the end upon the arrival of the exam that is the thing that you will get. Skim through what you have realized as of now, the amendment will enable you to hold essential things for a more drawn out timeframe.


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