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Title Parinita sarees
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Founded in 2013, we are an exclusive online store for traditional sarees from Bengal. Each of our sarees is individually crafted by artisans and defines the rich cultural heritage of the region, that has been passed down through generations in the weaving communities. Parinita sarees originate in the districts of Bengal and Bangladesh, each with its own weaving and artistic tradition, going back to Mughal and British times or even earlier. Over the ages, the weaving styles, designs and motifs have evolved to represent changing tastes and sensibilities. 

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Pure Bishnupuri Silk Sarees - A One Stop Destination For Pure Silk Sarees In India

We immediately think of the terracotta art and the Bishnupuri silk sarees when we hear the name "Bishnupur." Silk sarees have a long and interesting history, and those who are well-versed in the Bishnupur School of weaving can tell you all about it.

Bishnupur Silk Sarees are woven with Katan Silk. Katan is a thread that provides a sturdy framework to the background fabric by twisting a specific amount of silk strands. The silk strands in a katan are woven into a simple, sturdy fabric. It is typically used in the warp of lightweight fabrics and comprises two threads twisted together. 

The Baluchari sarees produced at Bishnupur are also well-known all over the world. The silk used to make this one-of-a-kind saree has been coloured to stunning effect. Designs featuring regal figures and noblemen in festive settings with beautiful dancers are not uncommon. Jars, discs, horses, elephants, and even Ganesha statues and figurines made of terracotta are also common purchases. Conch shell and bell metalware are also beautiful and valuable purchases.

History of Bishnupuri Silk Sarees

Bishnupur (sometimes called Vishnupur) is a West Bengal town and municipality. The Malla rulers adored Lord Vishnu during the 17th and 18th centuries, when it was their capital. It's famous for its baluchari silk sarees. Bishnupur also makes exquisite, light-weight silk sarees that drape wonderfully. 

Bishnupur's silk weaving stretches back centuries. History shows that it prospered in the 18th and 19th centuries when the East Indian Company traded Bishnupur needlework scarves and flowery silk dresses.

Bishnupur has 15% handloom workers. Murshidabad isn't a good area to grow raw silk, so they import it. Block printed, acid printed, batik-painted, and natural hand paints are used to make timeless classics. Some Bishnupuri silk collections that take three months to make. Soft and simple to drape, Bishnupuri Silk is perfect for casual and formal use. Bishnupur's exquisite, lightweight silk sarees are unmatched by other silk sarees.

Why To Buy Bishnupuri Saree 

West Bengal is known for its handloom sarees, and the Bishnupuri style is among the most popular. Typically, a single epic or folktale will fill an entire saree. The Bishnupuri Sarees are known for their detailed embroidery.

The Bishnupur sari is known as a Dhoop chhaon (double shade) sari because of the complex interplay of colors found on it. The Dhoop Chhaon Saree is a well-known textile item from Bishnupur, West Bengal. Dhoop Chhaon, which means "double shade" in Hindi, describes the phenomenon in which the same object appears to be a different color depending on the viewing angle or the intensity of the light shining on it. Patterns of tiny golden flowers decorate the saree's borders. A silk thread was used in the weaving of this saree.

Bishnupur sarees, made from silk or tussar, are woven using unusual punch card looms. The border and pallu of these sarees are decorated with scenes from the Mahabharata. Since Utlou's silk sarees have become so well-known, the town of Utlou in Bishnupur has become an industry leader in the field of sericulture.

Wearing and caring for a Bishnupuri saree is a breeze. The lightweight design of these makes them ideal for usage in the workplace. This silk saree is quite comfortable to wear. When touched, it causes a tingling sensation. This saree is really delicate, so please handle it with care.