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Title Polypropylene Medical Shoe Cover | MollyHome
Category Fitness Health --> Products and Shopping
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Shoe covers are widely used in various spheres of life, as they not only simplify cleaning, but also help protect against various diseases that provoke germs. On the next page, you will also find information about using shoe covers to protect your boots.

Shoe covers, as the name itself suggests, are rubber or plastic cover for shoes that are used as protection on your outdoor footwear. You can also find polypropylene shoe covers as you embark on a journey to find yourself a trusty disposable shoe covers for sale. Another item that pops up as you hit the search button is СPE shoe covers.

You might notice a slight difference in quality based on the material used, and understandably get curious about what’s behind it. It all boils down to the manufacturing technique and the characteristics in wear. Plastic/polypropylene covers are stitched together, and if the weather outside is relatively dry, you won’t see that much of a difference between those, and the covers made in CPE. The manufacturing principles behind plastic shoe cover made in CPE are different: they are made in one piece and checked with ultrasound for any eventual leakage points. Once again, if you are looking into getting yourself a pair of shoe covers for indoor use, you won’t know the difference.

Shoe covers for different purposes

Here we come close to the question of indoor vs. outdoor use. They are available for both indoor and outdoor use. Since plastic booties come in variety of shapes – and, understandably, for a variety of purposes – you need to be clear about the uses you are going to put your covers to when you are out there shopping.

Used indoors, shoe covers protect the floors and carpets from water, mud and dirt. There are also more specific uses in certain industries, and sometimes it is professionals who search for shoe covers for sale. Do you remember the stern lady at your local healthcare center reminding you to help yourself to one of the blue colored balls piled up high in a basket by the entrance? Here is one example of how they shoe covers can be used.

Outdoors, shoe covers are used to protect the shoes from water, mud and dirt. There are also models that are lined in order to keep your feet warm. To add functionality to disposable shoe covers, non-slip feature can be added. Non-slip protection is equally important in both indoor and outdoor use for understandable reasons: the last thing you want is to protect your floors or your shoes but expose yourself or your near ones to the risk of falling and sustaining an injury.

Choosing shoe protection covers: All-purpose tips

Shoe protectors should be easy to put on and take off due to the specifics of their use: they are designed to take away the hassle of taking the shoes on and off, and, by definition, they should be much easier to deal with than the well-fitted footwear with laces, buckles or zippers. Choose models that have a good elastic band no matter the planned use.