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Title Precautions That Brokers Must Follow, While Taking Clients for Site Visits During COVID-19
Category Real Estate --> Investment
Meta Keywords real estate agents, real estate brokers, covid19 precautions, flats in mohali
Owner Harmanjot Singh

This pandemic has made people understood the importance of having their own home. That Is why many people are now looking for premium housing property to invest in. Even though you can look for good apartments online with different developers or agents at the location of your choice, the final decision is usually made only after a person visits the property himself. As there can be differences between what is shown on the internet & the real picture.

But Site visit is not as simple and easy as it used to be before. With the outbreak of COVID-19, there is a need to follow various guidelines & precautions for safety reasons. As the country is no longer under lockdown, people are meeting one another & those interested in buying a property want to visit projects. So, there are certain guidelines that real estate agents have to follow and advise their buyers during COVID-19 site visits.

Dress Code: For property inspections, it is necessary for the broker and the buyer to dress properly. Make sure you wear masks, face shields, and gloves at all times, and that most areas of your body are protected by your clothes especially your face. Nonetheless, it is also advised to clean the clothes, shortly after you return, is a safe idea.

Cautions While Checking the Flat: Checking whether all connections work correctly is a critical aspect of the home inspection process. Therefore, the buyer can turn on the switches to see how the light and air conditioning work. In the case of furniture, touching them, to assess their quality, often seems normal. They can also open the taps or flush the toilet in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Touching a lot of surface places, you at a higher risk of viruses being captured. In addition, during your stay, the seller will still have to clean all the surfaces that you encounter. Although it does not come to us easily, it is important to make deliberate attempts to ensure that the interaction of surfaces is kept to a minimum. You should wear gloves if you intend to touch any object or surface.

It is also suggested that you should keep a hand sanitizer with you & sanitize your hands at regular intervals.

Social Distancing: When meeting with the client, kindly maintain proper social distance, it can be possible to have less space in a certain area of premises but try to maintain as much distance as possible. Also, avoid doing handshakes instead go with our tradition to do Namaskar to greet the client.

Before entering the premises also take the temperature of the client & if it is higher, let them rest for while & than check the temperature again.

Short & Quick Visit: It is advised to keep the visit to the property short and quick. Continue to chat later, with a video call, so that physical contacts will be as brief as possible for your safety. You can discuss other details & formalities through virtual methods afterward.

Avoid Crowding at Project Site: Also, only one or two individuals from a family should go. The client should not bring any kid or elder with them. The agent should discuss this kind of detail with them in advance, it is also good if the client makes an appointment in advance for a site visit during COVID-19 instead of just showing up.

Seller or Developer Should Be Informed: The agent should inform the buyer in advance about the property visit so that the property is clean & disinfected before the visit. Besides, Sellers must also be aware of the fact that the customer takes a chance of visiting the site. Therefore, keep at a low the number of prospective buyers viewing the property in a day.

Also, the property must be properly cleaned and sanitized after a tour, to ensure hygiene.

Besides all these there are some other precautions that broker & Clients must follow:

  • The broker or agent must find out if the buyer is genuinely interested in purchasing a property or not before the visit as it is a risky process & one should not waste time if they are not serious to buy the property.
  • While visiting the flat, use your elbow if you need to press buttons or switch.
  • Both the agent & client must carry sanitizer or wipes with them.
  • Do not visit if you feel sick in any way.
  • It is preferred to use your own vehicle to travel to the site, avoid public transport as much as possible.
  • If you have some specific requests to make to the customer when they come for the tour, tell them about it beforehand.
  • Real estate consultants should make every attempt to ensure that all buyers who contact them during this tough period are treated with the utmost care and that the parties to the deal still feel secure.

As the Government has lowered the interest rates on loans & Developers around the nation have launched numerous payment systems, incentives, and promotions for high-intention consumers, many people are purchasing houses. Property visit is an essential step & the final decision is based on this, that is why ensuring that property is clean & disinfected is very important. Besides that, everyone should adhere to government guidelines and also install the ‘Aarogya Setu app’ for extra safety.

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