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Title Preparation needed before and during the process of selling your property
Category Real Estate --> For Sale
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Owner Anurag Gupta

Selling your property can prove to be a strenuous task - both physically and emotionally. You've spent a lot of time turning your house into your home and now you need to step back from it. 

Properly organizing yourself for the task of selling your property means that you should be able to meet the property market head-on and evade any needless mishaps. Get ongoing by reading up on some of our tips for selling a property. Try to have entertaining with your home as you get it ready for the big day. 

It is important to know the Market before you start the process of selling your property

Check out the competition

Go and visit show houses in your area to get a feel for what is on offer. It will help you see what you are up against and what people are particularly drawn to. You can also gauge how current buyers are reacting to different aspects of the houses - what the general expectations are and what people are prioritizing and noticing. 

Price the property realistically:

Get several quotes from estate agents. As a seller, you need to justify the price that you are asking. Reasonable prices will also attract reasonable people and fewer chancers who are looking to try their luck - and waste your time. Also, if your house is on the market for a while and you keep dropping the price, people are going to start becoming wary of your property. 

Finish Off Your DIY Tasks

It might be a good idea to get an impartial friend who is going to give you an honest opinion, preferably someone who isn't used to your house and will point out obvious weak points that require only minimal repair. 

Replace cracked tiles. They are an immediate focal point.

Fix up doors and drawers that jam or may have warped slightly over time. Consider painting away from any garishly coloured walls with neutral tones On the topic of colours, if you have a brightly coloured bathroom, it is strongly suggested that you look into making it neutral. Replace leaking fixtures in the bedroom and kitchen. 

Preparing for Show Day

Go to a lot of effort to prepare for show days. Simply put, it's the best way of showing potential buyers that you care about the property. It may sound obvious, but make sure that the house is spotlessly clean - it suggests how well you have maintained it over time. Take out personal clutter on show days. People will get distracted by your trinkets and see the home as your home as opposed to a home that they could see themselves living in. Also, make sure that cupboards are neat. Apart from the fact that people like to snoop around, they may also be interested in the structure of your storage. 

After doing the initial preparation here are some tips to sell your property in India 

Online property listing portals

Online property listing portals are one of the important marketing tools in your resource since buyers nowadays are digitally aware and favor to explore and read up property listings online. 

Social media

By selecting to advertise your property on social media platforms, you will have entrance to a vast pool of users and gain a fair amount of prominence. 

Hiring a broker

Hiring the services of a broker is still one of the precarious ways a seller goes about finding a buyer for his/her property. By using their services you can save time and energy since the broker will now handle the advertising for you. 

Print media advertisement

You can select to hire a space in the categorized section of your local newspaper and publish a limited amount of information about your property. The benefit here is that you can make your listing noticeable to a lot of people.