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Title Save Yourself from the Hell-Fire with Umrah
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Hundreds of books have been produced on the subject of Hell due to its vast subject matter. In light of the verses of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) there is only one way we may escape Hell, the place that continues to set records for torturing and abusing its inmates. As stated by the “Poet of the East, “Allamah Iqbal, “We need to spend our earthly life in conformity with the commands of Almighty Allah(SWT) and as per the manner in which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived his life

Know everything about the concept of Hell-Fire

Jahannam is described in the Qur’an as a realm with burning fire pits and boiling water where people suffer both physically and spiritually. It discourages Muslims from engaging in sin by using graphic descriptions. Samm (also spelt Simoom or Semum in Arabic; derived from the root s-m-m, “to poison”) is a fire associated with demons in both early Arabic mythology and later Islamic beliefs. It is also the source of some types of bad spirits as a type of fire and it is further associated with both the fires of hell and the fire of the sun.

What is spoken about Hell in the Quran?

Islam holds that the presence of hell (Jahannam) is evidence of God’s omnipotence, justice, and mercy. It also serves as a warning to people and countries regarding the ultimate decision that must be made between loyalty and disloyalty, righteousness and sin, and life and death.

Perform the sacred journey of your life- Umrah

Millions of Muslims worldwide do the minor pilgrimage known as umrah, which is also known as a Sunnah. In order to make your visit to the Holy Place of Allah (SWT) more significant to the Generous Creator, it is vital to review the Umrah package price. Furthermore, it is true that despite our hectic lives, we should never lose a deep bond with our Creator.

We might decide to do this Holy pilgrimage in order to strengthen our Islamic faith and draw closer to the Almighty Allah (SWT) in situations where greed and other types of temptations would otherwise lead us to sin. So, why hold yourself back from accepting Allah’s (SWT) invitation to stay in the sacred place?

Save yourself from the Hell-Fire with Umrah

One of the six pillars of Islamic religion, believing in the hereafter is essential for a Muslim to fully practice his faith. Being Muslims, our faith includes the notion of the Fire of Hell. Other than those who were absolved and accepted into Allah’s immense kindness, this place is where He has devised a harsh punishment for the wrongdoers of Earth. “Fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the unbelievers”, says Almighty Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran. [Quran, 2:24].

Please do note that the conduct of Umrah is vital from staying protected from the Hell-Fire but at the same time it is also vital to practice some of the actions, even after the conduct of the Umrah journey to make life more cherishing and also to stay protected from the Hell-Fire. The journey of Umrah trip from Kolkata does teach you to become a true Muslim and also encourages you to practice some of the key steps that shall make you stronger and also stay true to the religious practices of Islam.

Here are some of the simple steps:

  • Perform Umrah once in your life- No matter how busy you become, if you can manage to perform this obligatory duty, then you can be sure of the fact that you can save yourself from the Fire of Hell and enter Jannah with the blessings of Allah (SWT). Hence, make sure to reach out to the best Umrah travel agency now to grab the best Umrah services that include the complete Umrah package including flights, So, hurry up!
  • Infinite faith in Allah (SWT) after Umrah– Believing in Allah and His Messenger is important because, as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated, “Whoever witnesses that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger, Allah forbids the Fire from touching him.”
  • Staying kind after Umrah Tour– Abdullah Ibn Masood narrated that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Shall I not inform you of whom the Fire is unlawful and he is unlawful for the Fire? Every person who is near (to people), friendly, and easy (to deal with).” If someone wants to protect him/ her from Hellfire then they should be kind and merciful to others.

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