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Title Scope of CCIE Enterprise – Complete Guide
Category Education --> Continuing Education and Certification
Meta Keywords Scope of CCIE , Scope of CCIE enterprise , ccie exam tips , ccie certification
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Scope of CCIE: Know about the course that’ll make you stand second to none. 

Today you are reading this, blog on the scope of CCIE Enterprise, sitting  in the comfort of your home, do you wonder how that is possible? This has been facilitated by the means of the entire world becoming a global village. You can access any piece of information from anywhere, and networking has made that possible. 

Networking is the domain of the information technology field that is witnessing a growth like no other domain so to say. As the need for us staying connected is rising so is the need for networking rising simultaneously. 

Cisco has gained a reputation in the market for setting the standard in the world of networking. The brand is often known to legitimize skills that prove an individual is capable of navigating through the ever evolving landscape of information technology. 

The most popular courses by CISCO are: 

In this blog we shall read about CCIE, the scope of CCIE, CCIE Exam tips and we will also try and understand the difference between CCNP and CCIE. 

Introduction to CCIE:

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is a series of technical certifications meant for senior network professionals who handle complex enterprise networking infrastructure, like designing, building, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting. It's considered as the hardest exam and also revered as difficult to clear. If a willing student fails to get through the exam he/she needs to clear it within 3-4 months.  The qualifying exam focuses on the candidate’s knowledge of enterprise networking infrastructure. The qualifying exam helps the candidate earn a specialist certification. This also helps an individual to get recognised for his or her accomplishments. 

The Scope of CCIE: 

The scope of  CCIE is too vast. It is often recommended to people who want to level up even at the high end job roles. The CCIE exam is considered to be an expert level exam. The CCIE certified credential will earn an individual level headed jobs. Considering the futuristic aspect of this certification we can try to gauge its scope. The certification is considered as the top certification being given by CISCO. 

CCIE Exam Tips: 

The ways to clear an exam often are subjective and may vary person to person. But there are few ccie exam tips for an individual to get through the exam are: 

  1. Learning from an expert:  

an aspiring individual must learn from an expert in  that field, always look out for teachers that have experience of working in that field.

  1. Utilizing practice tests :
    The aspirants should see and practice from all the  practice tests available. They should also practice from all the previous year exam papers. 

  2. Rigorous Lab Training 

The aspirant should undertake lab training and practice rigorously as lab training provides a pragmatic approach. This shall prepare the candidate for future work as well. 

  1. Understand the current topologies: 

The learner should be aware of all the current topologies in the domain so as to be able to work and understand the topologies and working of all networking devices etc. 

  1. Not to rely on a single book: 

The students shouldn’t rely alone on one book as the information needed to get through the exam is vast. The students should refer to more than one book, as often certain bits of information are left out in one. 

Difference between CCNP and CCIE :

It’s often that people get confused between CCNP- Cisco Certified Network Professional and CCIE- Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert as both certifications are considered as upgrades after the CCNA- Cisco Certified Network Associate. The courses agreeably do upgrade and give an opportunity to the candidate for levelling up. Still the courses vary immensely as we can see: 

  1. Level of the certification : 

The levels are the first most variation. The CCNP certification is an advanced level certification and the CCIE is an expert level certification. 

  1. Prerequisite: 

There are no formal prerequisites for the certifications, be it CCNP or CCIE. But initially the CCNP certification required CCNA certification. The CCIE did not and still doesn’t require a candidate to be CCNA and CCNP certified. Although having the knowledge of all exam related topics before going for the examination. 

  1. Salary Expectations: 

The salary an individual can expect while pursuing CCNP is 2.5 lakh right from the beginning. Whereas the salary one can expect after getting CCIE certified is 8 lakh per annum right from the start.