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Title Spoken English Classes in Chennai,English Speaking Courses,English Grammar Classes,IELTS Coaching in
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Meta Keywords Communication skills chennai,Conversational english chennai,Learn english speaking chennai,English speaking course online Chennai
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Spoken English Classes in Chennai,English Speaking Courses,English Grammar Classes,IELTS Coaching in Chennai


Online Class

An online class is a course conducted over the Internet. They are generally conducted through a learning management system, in which students can view their course syllabus and academic progress, as well as communicate with fellow students and their course instructor.


online spoken english classes

Online English lessons are, as the name suggests, where you learn English on the internet. You learn in real time with a qualified teacher, but instead of having to travel to a language school, you can learn from anywhere!

How Do Online English Lessons Work?

Different companies run their courses in slightly different ways. The end result is always the same though: You learn English! You will increase your vocabulary, practice grammar, gain confidence, learn how to structure your sentences and much more.

How Many People Are in the Class?

Online English lessons can be one-to-one, where you have private lessons. This type of class is likely to be a lot more personalized, which can help you meet your learning goals. There are also online group lessons. In this type of class, you share the time with other students, can do more group activities and the lessons are usually a lot less flexible.

How Will I Learn?

Different platforms are used for online lessons. For example, many companies offer lessons using Skype or other similar instant communication programs. Some students worry about not having enough interaction with this method. But stop and think about it: You have your teacher’s voice and if you use the webcam you can also see them.

The text box (where you can both type messages) is like having a whiteboard. You can each send files instantly through Skype, and you can also share your computer screens! You do have visual help in addition to a voice.

Some companies use their own specially made platform. These usually have the full range of communication tools too: voice and video, a text box, file sharing and options for highlighting and drawing.

There are also online language schools that operate in systems such as Second Life, where you enter an entire virtual world to learn. You have your own avatar (a computer-made character that represents you) that can actually walk around a virtual world. This is as close to a real-life setting as you can get online.

In fact, it’s perhaps more interactive than a lesson in a classroom! You can visit virtual stores, hospitals, offices, airports, and so on, to practice real-life situations with all the visual elements all around you!



Enhance U

Our goal is to make an Enhanced version of you, where you get to practice spoken English with a Seasoned Language Expert, through 1 on 1 sessions. We have a strong Team of Trainers, with 15+ years of rich Corporate experience. We impart the best knowledge to you through Case studies, theory & practical sessions. Our Team strongly believes that nothing is impossible when you put your heart & soul into it & we stay committed with you in this journey


if you can be a “master” in your Mother Tongue, you can be one in English as well!!! Of course, when you make the right choice & stay diligent. At Enhance U, we urge you to make the right start of improvising / improving yourself during this time. We are confident that you would appreciate this choice of yours, when people applaud you. Our Team is here to provide you with guidelines to achieve the best version of yourself yet!

Let's quickly get started on discovering a new confident you. Do not procrastinate!!


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