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Title Texas Multispecialty Clinic, Trusted medical Clinic
Category Fitness Health --> Public Health and Safety
Meta Keywords Spine & Back Pain Management, Hand Specialists, Wound Care, Orthopedics, Injury & Pain Management, Pain & Injury Tele consultation
Owner Aditya Goregaonkar

Multiple medical branches treated here at an affordable multispecialty clinic in Texas.

Article : Specialty Care Live are group of clinics located at 6 different locations in Texas, USA.

We specialize in Medical and Surgical Specialties to provide Virtual Care Telemedicine Consultations for Hospitals, Clinics and remote worksites to increase access to Specialty Care when and where you need it.

Here are the specialties we deal with at Specialty Care Live —


Orthopedics :-

We offer online orthopedic telemedicine service and physical therapy which is convenient, secure and clinically informative experience with our tele – orthopedic specialists and physical therapy team. We also specialize in providing immediate pain relief of all the orthopedic related body problems such as neck, back, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, leg, knee, ankle, and foot.


Advanced Spine and Back Pain :-

We offer you live injury online tele consultations with the help of smart, online tools and experts guidance which is easy, convenient affordable and effective. Our experts provide you solutions based on clinical experience, expertise from the most recent back pain, spine pain related research from over 100+ clinical studies, it can be acute or of chronic variety. With the help of pain management you will learn necessary skills for immediate relief for back pain, spine pain which will help to keep it from coming back.


Online Pain and Injury Management :-

We offer you online pain and injury management with the help of webcam virtual video consultations. Our experts will provide you appropriate evidence-based tele rehabilitation, advice, guidance and solutions based on experience and expertise based on most recent management of any musculoskeletal pain, injury, or disorder from research of 100+ clinical studies. Consultations will be provided by fully regulated Primary Healthcare Practitioner.


Below are types of conditions for which we provide online injury and pain management:-


             Headache (Cervicogenic)

             Neck pain

             Mid back pain

             Low back pain

             Leg pain

             Shoulder pain

             Elbow pain

             Wrist and hand pain

             Hip and groin pain

             Pelvic pain

             Knee pain

             Shin pain

             Foot and ankle pain

             Jaw pain

             Complex regional pain


             Sports injury


Online Pain and Injury Management


Pain & Injury Teleconsultation :-

Tele consultations uses most advanced and cutting-edge solutions to provide you telemedicine for many medical and surgical specialities. We provide you teleconsultations where these services are not offered or available saving your effort to visit our clinics and hospitals which may be far for you to reach in time of emergency.

Tele consultation services which we offer are delivered to you by the experts who are experienced in conditions which you are suffering from and they provide solutions which are easy, affordable, convenient and effective. They provide you helpful advice and guidance based on research of 100+ clinical studies.


Telehealth Services :-

We provide you telehealth services which are most advanced and have leading edge solutions. When we provide telehealth medicines we take care that we provide advice or guidance based on proper clinical research and past-medical history, in order to help us make a diagnosis, prognosis, and proposed treatment and guide patient management.




Clinical Examination


This includes a full and thorough:-

             Orthopedic Examination

             Advanced Spine and Back Pain Examination

             Online Pain and Injury Management


If additional tests are indicated, an onward referral can be arranged.