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Title “The Boy Who Reached Mauritius!” – A Success Story From CFTI
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Owner Centre For Transforming India

Centre for Transforming India (CFTI) is a registered NGO in Mumbai under the Indian Trusts Acts, 1882. It was established in 2009 with the objective to empower and uplift rural India through education, health care, well-being, and economic activities. Through its various programmes, the NGO not only supports the poor, but also strives to make them self-sufficient. So, when donors donate to the poor through CFTI, they actually facilitate in empowering the poor. CFTI’s efforts get reflected in the success stories of children, youth, and adults of rural and remote areas of Maharashtra region. So, before getting into more details about this NGO, meet the boy from Bhonang Village in Alibag.


The boy who reached Mauritius!

Gifted with a melodious voice, Harshal Manohar Patil was known for his talent at his college. He had represented his college in various events and had won many prizes too. His joy knew bounds when he earned the opportunity to perform in front of the Prime Minister of Mauritius. But the biggest question was, “How to go to Mauritius?”.

Harshal hails from Bhonang, a small village in Alibag, Maharashtra. His father is a farm labourer and mother is a homemaker. To support the family, Harshal works in a small Ganapati idol making unit, alongside continuing his college studies. The monthly income of the family can hardly earn them two meals a day. In a situation like this, going to Mauritius seemed completely impossible.

Harshal approached the grassroot level volunteers of CFTI for help. The CFTI Team carried out a quick due diligence as per their mandatory process and within 48 hours this NGO in Mumbai provided support to Harshal in every manner to make his journey to Mauritius a possibility. Harshal could not only fulfil his dream of performing in front of the Prime Minister of Mauritius, but he won the 1st prize too! Today, Harshal is a graduate and is currently working as a karaoke singer in one of the hotels in Alibag.

Thematic areas and programmes of CFTI

The benefit of choosing to donate to the poor through CFTI is that, this organisation utilises these funds to provide immediate support to people like Harshal as well as to create a sustainable change. CFTI steers its efforts to make an impact across seven thematic areas namely, education, women empowerment, skills, water management, disaster relief, health, and sports. The four core programmes that are in alignment with achieving the objectives of each of the thematic areas are Bicycle Pledge, Smiles for Birthdays, Tailoring, and Digital Literacy.

Your choice to donate to the poor through CFTI allows the NGO to bring tangible change in the grassroot level, a mention of a few activities is as below:

·       Education: Heeding to the several factors that hinder accessibility to education for rural children, CFTI strives to bridge the gap in various ways such as providing scholarships, school kits, and infrastructural support like construction of schools, and equipping with desks, benches, and computers. In addition to this, bicycles are distributed to girl students to support and encourage their education.

·       Women empowerment: Skill Development Workshops are conducted to train rural women in various skills such as tailoring, jewellery making, cooking, and candle-making and more. The objective of these workshops is to make rural women self-sufficient and financially independent. Alongside health and hygiene awareness programmes are also conducted.

·       Disaster relief: The team of CFTI promptly responds to provide aid in disaster-hit areas. Be it natural calamities or the recent COVID-19 pandemic, this NGO has provided timely support the disaster victims as well as has also provided infrastructural support to rebuild affected villages in rural Maharashtra.

·       Health: From making healthcare facilities available in remote areas to providing support during emergency medical care, CFTI has undertaken several initiatives to make healthcare accessible for the rural underprivileged people.

The role of volunteers and donors in CFTI’s efforts

This NGO in Mumbai is cognisant of the vital role played by the volunteers and the donors in its journey to impacting lives of 7,50,000 beneficiaries across 21 locations. So, it always acknowledges their support, both for working at the grassroot level as well as for the generosity to donate to the poor. CFTI further invites support from each one in the society to get involved in rural transformation. Step in to do your bit to empower your rural counterparts. Take action now!


Author Profile:

Centre For Transforming India (CFTI) was established in 2009. It is a registered NGO under the Indian Trusts Act of 1882 and founded by passionate young individuals to bring in change by elevating the rural communities. With a team of over 700 volunteers, CFTI works for education, women empowerment, disaster relief, healthcare, etc. for the underprivileged. All contributions of ₹500 and above towards CFTI are applicable for exemption from income tax as per section 80G of the Income Tax Act.