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Title The Pharma Industry is Fighting Against COVID-19
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Meta Keywords The Pharma Industry is Fighting Against COVID-19
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A burning question about executive education programs that is often asked but doesn’t always receive an answer. It’s only natural to want to know exactly what will happen after you have invested your time, money, and efforts in an executive education program – whether the efforts you have put in will yield value and provide the required benefit to reach your professional goals.

To begin answering that question, let’s start with how executive education can help. Executive education programs make it possible for you to achieve what you want to achieve in your career. It gives you a valuable experience, the knowledge, and the skills to help you move forward and upward in your professional journey. The pay-off or the consequence of doing an executive education program partly depends on why you might be doing that program and what you want from it.

In light of that, there isn’t one specific outcome that is standard for every professional who takes up a program. There are a variety of goals you can achieve with the tools you gain through an executive education program.

Achieve your career goals

An executive education program can foster your requirements to achieve your career goals. Whether it might be getting a raise, getting a promotion, changing your role, taking on more responsibilities, or switching industries altogether, an executive education program can empower you to achieve it.

Suprita Vohra, who is Director, Risk Solutions Group at Barclays, Singapore did just that. With a finance MBA and an engineering degree, she has spent most of her career in the finance industry, working with brands like HSBC, Citi, and Barclays, across India and Singapore.

She sought out a program that would help her achieve her career goal which was to bridge the gaps in her experience and knowledge. MIT PE TLP allowed her to take back fresh ideas and the know-how that she could implement at her own company. It also allowed her to be more relevant with her clients and extend that benefit to her company as well. She hoped to leverage the program to build partnerships with the relevant stakeholders and drive more holistic solutions, which ultimately strengthened her business offering. You can read about her journey and objectives here.

Enhance your leadership skills

Participating in an executive education program can help you transform your leadership skills and make you a better leader. For those moving into higher positions or those who want to move into a higher position, an executive education program can help you achieve that. A program can not only aid in honing and improving the skills you need to be an effective leader, but also help you uncover your leadership qualities that need to be nurtured as well as identify your personal leadership style.

This was the case for Anand Menon. Working at Nike, Inc. as an Engineer – GSM, he has over 11 years of experience in manufacturing and sourcing in the sportswear, FMCG, and automotive sectors. His expertise extends to production, engineering, operations management, vendor development and sourcing, process excellence and optimization, quality, etc.

He attended the UCLA PGP PRO after he realized he needed to improve his leadership skills. He moved from a more functional side to a managerial side and realized he wasn’t ready to be the kind of mentor and leader he wanted to be.

Through the program he has gained knowledge in functional areas as well as strategy. He has been able to widen his thought-process, refine his implementation skills, and develop his problem-solving skills. Employing all that he has learned has allowed his efforts to be recognized by his peers and superiors at his workplace. You can read more from his experience here.