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Title Top 7 Cold Pressed Coconut 0il Benefits For Hair
Category Fitness Health --> Diet and Nutrition
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There is no time even to wash your hair correctly in such a fast-paced life. Maintaining your hair is a challenging task; that’s why it’s well said, “Life Transpires, Coconut Oil Aids.”

When you need a champi (head massage), there is no oil satisfactorily than coconut oil to apply to your hair. It is one of the favoured hair oils in India you will find in most households, and in fact, the tradition of using it a night before is also common here. 

When talking about coconut oils, it is said that cold-pressed coconut oils are a healthier option for the hair. Therefor, you will find that cold-pressed oils are rich in vitamins and nutrients that can help you strengthen your hair and nourish your scalp.

What is cold-pressed coconut oil?

Cold-pressed oil is naturally prepared with traditional low speed, and less heat mechanism does not contain harmful solvent residues. The extraction technique allows the oil to retain natural antioxidants, which you cannot expect in a heavily processed refined oil. In contrast, in refined oils, due to the heat involvement, speed and use of chemical ingredients, the flavour of the extract degrades, and all nutritional quality will be gone, and you will be the one who will be suffering in the future. 

Here Are The Seven  Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Coconut oil On Hair

flowers on women hair

 1.  Cold-pressed coconut oil prevents hair breakage

In day to day life, your hairs have to face many things such as pollution, dirt, styling tools etc. These facets affect the strength of hair and weaken it. With a massage of vrk coconut oil, hair becomes more strong, and you can avoid hair breakage. The oil forms a coating between hair strands and outer pollutants.

2.  Cold-pressed coconut oil enhances hair growth

The oil prevents hair breakage and leads to an augmented volume of hair. The nutrients present in the oil results in solid and voluminous locks.

3.  Cold-pressed coconut oil prevents greying of hair

Due to hormonal changes, lack of nutrients, and stress, the massage of the oil improves blood circulation in the scalp and takes more nutrients to the hair to prevent the premature greying of hair.

 4.  Cold-pressed coconut oil moisturizes the scalp

Cold-pressed coconut oil works wonderfully for dry hair, and it moistens the scalp, especially in dry seasons. Mosturizing scalp can lead to less hair loss and strengthening of hair.

 5.  Cold-pressed coconut oil restricts dandruff

Sometimes, your scalp gets a brittle layer which you term dandruff. Nobody wants dandruff ridden scalp and also the itchiness caused by it. With cold-pressed coconut oil, you can get rid of dandruff by treating the frangible scalp.

 6.  Cold-pressed coconut oil protects from lice

The antibacterial properties of cold-pressed coconut oil protect you from lice, and it prevents the lice from spreading and striking the hair and scalp.

7.  Cold-pressed coconut oil relieves scalp irritation

The dry season badly influences hair’s health, and to deal with it effectively, and you should use cold-pressed coconut oil.  

Can coconut oil be bad for your hair?

It is said that over oiling can obstruct the hair shafts providing no way for hydrating it. The result can be split ends and hair breakage. Keeping oil for an extended period may attract dirt, dust, and grim ends, encouraging fungus and yeast growth. Exaggerated use of coconut oil on your hair and scalp must be detoured. If you’re using it as a deep conditioning hair mask, rinse it off thoroughly.