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Title Tweedles Organic Flea Repellent - Get Rid Of Pesky Fleas and Mosquitoes
Category Pets Animals --> Pet Shops
Meta Keywords Organic Essential Oils, Tweedles Organic Fragrances, Raw Dehydrated Pet Treats, Pet Products
Owner Tweedle Pet Products

Organic Flea Repellent is a product that can be used to kill fleas, ticks, and lice on pets. It is made from vegetable oils and other ingredients that are safe for the environment and pets. It comes in a spray bottle, just like other commercial flea products. Organic Flea Repellent is also effective against mosquitoes, flies, and other insects.

Tweedle Pet Products is committed to providing you with the best products on the market and we are proud to offer our customers a high-quality product at an affordable price, so you can buy without breaking the bank.

At Tweedle Pet Products, we have the best Organic flea repellent available at the lowest prices around. Tweedles Organic Flea Repellent is a treatment that kills fleas on contact. It is useful for dogs and cats that have fleas, but it's not necessary if your pet is already on an effective flea-prevention product. Organic flea repellent is a natural way to keep your dog safe from fleas and other nasty bugs.

It's made with just three ingredients: citronella oil, lavender oil, and lemongrass oil. The lavender and lemongrass oils help the citronella to work its magic by deterring insects. Citronella oil helps repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs that can carry disease-causing organisms.

We use only top-quality ingredients, so you can feel good about what goes into your pets' collars, bowls, and toys. Our products are all natural and completely safe for your pets—and they work fast! Organic Tick repellent is also helpful for dogs and cats that live in areas where many other animals can transmit the parasite.

Tweedle Organic Tick Repellent is secure and sufficient for all dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets. We offer top-quality Organic Tick Repellent at the most affordable prices. Our repellents are Safe for pets and humans, made from the finest concentrated certified essential oils with a mist spray atomizer, or dropper. Easy to use, Works great, and smells great. NO DEET or other chemicals. Citronella 50%, Lemon Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Witch Haze

If you want to learn further information about our services, Call us today at (561) 859-1331 or visit our website: - https://www.tweedlepetproducts.com/