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Title Welcome to Busy Bead
Category Business --> Associations
Meta Keywords Busy Bead Silicone Beads
Owner Anthony Korculanic

Though a lot of our silicone craft supply at Busy Bead are used as teething necklaces for little sprogs, that isn’t all they can be used for! If you’re starting a craft business but aren’t sure what you want to make with silicone beads, here are a few ideas.

We briefly mentioned that you can make silicone teething necklaces, but they don’t have to be used like that! Our bead store sells a rich variety of beads in various sizes, shapes and colours, meaning that you can create a diverse range of necklaces to catch your customers’ eyes.

Not everyone fancies wearing a necklace though. We offer a large selection of beads for sale online, spanning from 9mm to 19mm, so you can make a range of slim and chunky bracelets to sell on Etsy.

Perhaps you don’t fancy making jewellery. Perhaps you would rather sell a lovely keyring. That’s a great idea! Simply attach a few beads that attract your attention to some string, and tie it to a keyring. If you went to Brownies, Scouts or anywhere similar and learnt a load of fancy knots, try combining them with the beads for an amazingly rustic look.

You can make so many different items from these kits — ornaments, zipper pulls, necklaces, mask lanyards, keychains… the possibilities are endless! We have so many cute little tutorials you can follow on our DIY Tutorials page!

When we sat down to play with our kits (yep, we “test” out our kits too :P) we could easily make 5 little projects with SO many leftover beads, clasps & string!

While there’s so many projects on our DIY Tutorials Page, we wanted to show you ONE more little tutorial that can be made out of the 12mm beads found in each kit — an adorable 5 pointed star ornament! Follow along below for the step-by-step instructions!!

This last one is for all the parent business-owners out there. You’re already selling teething necklaces, and you want to try something new. We’ve got you! Simply act as if you were fashioning a bracelet out of our Busy Bead Silicone Beads and, before tying, slip a couple of our donuts onto it. We follow the EN71–1 regulations to ensure all of our products are completely safe.

Whatever you decide to do, be bold and stick to it. If you’re starting up, why not try buying a selection of our beads wholesale? It’ll save you time and money!

As winter continues to drag on we’re becoming more and more desperate for indoor activities that will keep little ones busy. We’ve painted, we’ve played with clay, we’ve baked IT ALL, and today we are making bead art! This bead mosaic project was inspired by our love of bean art, where we used beans and paint to make mosaics, and now we are trying that same kind of technique with bright plastic beads so there is no paint necessary.

This bead mosaic Silicone Focal Bead Options is a great way to pass an afternoon and almost mimics the look of perler beads once it’s completed without having to have any special tools or supplies to make it happen. We love the way it allows kids to really get creative and with a palette of colorful beads to choose from the possibilities for what they can make are endless!

Last year we made some macramé ornaments that were our favorite DIY project of the season, so this year we decided we had to make more and try out a couple new methods! To change things up, this year we used clear ball ornaments from Michaels Stores and tied our macramé around the ornaments in two different patterns, resulting in the fun combo of these Macrame Bulb Ornaments! Plus, we added a little color with our paint shake ornament technique that is the perfect way to create the exact color scheme for your holiday decor!
You’re going (https://busybead.com)to love how simple these ornaments are to execute and the added interest they will give to any tree, plus, you can grab everything you need to make them from Michaels Stores, which has curbside pickup, so it couldn’t be easier!

Website: https://busybead.com/collections/focal-beads