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Title Welcome To Mental Math
Category Games --> Puzzles
Meta Keywords mental math app, abacus app, vedic math
Owner Mental Math

Abacus & Mental Math which is an established program is very widespread in more than 115 countries across the globe. Mental arithmetic and abacus are very popular in India for the past two spans.

Mental Math is built for children which will definitely give them an Edge since we believe that children can only dominate the subject if they have the basics right. At Mental Math the app is built to teach calculation techniques and sharpen their skill. We offer a child-friendly introduction to the use of the Abacus, both the tool and ultimately the mental theory concepts. Thus maintaining the interest and also benefiting from the App. Mental Math is a new-age app for today's children which will keep them engaged along with developing their skills.

Our mission is to encourage positive growth in the children of this world, who are the future of this world. Support every child as they try to attain tremendous skills and strengthen their potential to excel, not just in academe, but also handle various other aspects of life in a smoother, healthier, and more positive way.

Who are we

We pride ourselves on our ability to create custom solutions precisely designed to meet individuals’ needs. Using our standards-aligned Mental Math App, students succeed in high-stakes assessments and significantly improve their rankings. We are working attentively to build an empathetic learning platform that cultivates student achievement.

With our digital learning solutions, students are prepared with all the necessary resources to support all-year self-paced learning anytime, everywhere.

In providing Abacus instruction, our objective is to encourage students to prosper. When a child experiences success, they certainly grow in confidence and self-esteem, as well as in their aspiration to continue the hunt for that success. What’s more, with our dedicated instruction, our hope for your child is to build a solid and strong base of mental mathematics with enduring skills.

Our Vision

To create innovative and resourceful learning solutions to support the prototype shift in the skill level of a student.

  • Realistic Assessment Practice To Ensure Improved Test Scores
  • Reach everyone. Teach everyone
  • The student is at the heart of everything we do
  • Cooperative spirit to impact positive outcomes
  • Support personalized learning for every learner
  • Mental Accelerator
  • Rigorous Standards-aligned Learning Content
  • Insightful And Actionable Reports To Monitor Student Progress And Measure Growth

Benefits of Abacus

  • Abacus-based Mental Arithmetic System
  • Improves enduring brain skills such as Concentration, Mathematics, Creativity, Visualization
  • Discover and bring out the hidden perspective of children
  • Does mental calculations without using the Abacus instrument
  • Removes the fright of mathematics
  • Makes math fun to learn
  • Teaches Clearer Logical Reasoning
  • Heightens stronger Mental Visualization Skills
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Built Multitasking Ability
  • Overall Academic Achievement
  • Betterment in Self Discipline & Development of fine motor skills
  • Enhanced Logical Capabilities and Creativity


How Mental Math does offers the ultimate learning opportunity?

The Digital Application acts like a personalized companion which teaches, guides and helps the child learn and practice at their own pace.

What are the main features of the mobile application?

The main features of the Mobile Application are its ability to provide Students with Intelligent features.

My child is bad at academics, will he get any benefit from the App?

Yes! With visualization and practice, a child will easily solve complex problems in seconds. With improved visualization, problem-solving skills, concentration, and logic application, a child will experience an increase in their confidence level and better academic performance.

My child is already good at maths, will he get any other benefit from the App?

Mental Math provides overall brain development; therefore, with abacus training, children can polish their logical ability, memory, focus, and creativity. 

How important is the practice at home?

Based on our experience a child needs to practice to polish and evolve their skills. Therefore training on an abacus at home is essential. We also acknowledge that parents might not be familiar with the abacus and find it difficult to guide their kids.

Whom should I approach if I have any questions related to the Application?

Kindly contact at contact@mentalmath.me

What are the Operating Platforms that the Mobile App works on?

The Application is compatible with both Android and IOS platforms and can be used on any type of Mobile Phone / Tablet or Handheld device.