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Title What are the Benefits of Kalonji Seeds for Diabetes?
Category Fitness Health --> Alternative
Meta Keywords Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes,Home Remedies to Treat Diabetes,Herbs to increase the immunity,Diabetes
Owner Girish Banvi

Have you been wondering if the Indian Gooseberry or Amla actually houses the blood glucose levels lowering abilities? Are you wondering whether all the health benefits of amla for diabetes are as true as told by your grandmother? Does Amla in diabetes actually play such a pivotal role?

Now, before we answer this question, let us get to understand what this herbal fruit is all about. Phyllanthus Emblica or Amla is one of the best herbal remedies for chronic conditions such as diabetes. Uses of eating amla also include improving health against various other lifestyle disorders also like high blood pressure and cholesterol. 

This nature’s boon is a house for ample nutrients.  Apart from eating the RAW fruit, Amla is most commonly consumed in the form of  Amla juice or Amla powder.  Amla fresh juice contains nearly 20 times more vitamin C than in orange juice. This makes it the richest source of vitamin c.

Amla is also packed with phenolic compounds such as anthocyanins and flavones that also houses strong antioxidant properties. With a plethora of nutrients, Amla is an ideal option for decreasing the symptoms of diabetes and improving overall health.  

Fun Fact:

It is generally suggested by dieticians that animal-based food houses more antioxidants. But the fun fact is Plant-based food items contain around 64 percent more antioxidants as compared to animal-based food.

Is Amla Good for Diabetes? Watch this video to get Clarification

Amla: The King of Antioxidants

Amla: The King of Antioxidants

Amla is commonly used by practitioners as a general tonic to drop the free radicals. Now, what are free radicals?

The body goes through several chemical reactions every day generating free radicals. These things tend to damage your body cells via the process termed as oxidation. This can be one of the reasons for diabetics to experience increased diabetic symptoms. 

Diabetes is generally caused by the degeneration of the beta cells. As a king of antioxidant, Amla can aid in healing and rejuvenating our body at the cellular levels:

  • It aids in the repair of any mitochondrial damage.
  • It assists in repairing the cell membranes.
  • It aids in repairing the damaged nuclear membranes of cells.
  • Amla also aids in repairing the damaged DNA.
  • It further aids in repairing mitochondrial DNA and endoplasmic reticulum.
  • It provides your body with assistance for repairing organelle membranes.

Regular exposure of your body to antioxidants provided by Amla tends to improve cellular longevity, especially for diabetics.

Oxidation, Diabetes, and Better health

As per research, oxidative stress has been discovered as the underlying reason for diabetes as well as the associated complications. The health benefiting effects of Amla can help reverse any damaging effects of oxidation. With reduced oxidative stress, you can see your body more responsive to weight loss and management of blood glucose levels.

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Effects on the Blood Sugar Level

Is amla good for diabetes?? This is a question posed by most people who have decided to manage their diabetes through home remedies. Insulin is a hormone created in your pancreas. It is also critical in maintaining the blood sugar levels among diabetics.

When your pancreas gets inflamed, the injury leads to decreased insulin secretion. Hence leads to the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, Amla houses chromium. This particular mineral is responsible for the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. Proper metabolism of carbohydrates makes your body highly responsive to the insulin. This will prevent you from experiencing high blood glucose levels.

Watch this video to have a quick glance at the benefits of amla.

Amla Nutritional Fact Check

Amla Nutritional Fact Check


Gooseberry benefits for diabetes / Amla benefits for diabetes

Streptozotocin(STZ)-induced diabetes in rats, is the most commonly used animal model for human diabetes research. Diabetes is induced in mice by using streptozotocin (STZ), a compound that has preferential toxicity toward pancreatic(insulin-producing) β cells. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, Indian Gooseberries led to a significant drop in the sugar levels among diabetic rats.

Here are a few benefits of amla for sugar control naturally. In this segment, you will understand the need to consume amla regularly. Being a rich source of vitamins, using amla, diabetes treatment is made completely natural and safe.

Pancreatic β cells :

Pancreatic Beta Cells

Amla houses chromium which reflects a positive effect over the functionality of the pancreas.

Weight Management:

Weight Management

Excessive intake of calories leads to unwanted weight gain which is a prime reason for the onset of diabetes. This, in turn, leads to insulin resistance. Maintaining an ideal weight helps with better control over your body weight. Being a low-calorie food item, Amla is great for weight management.