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Title What to Study and Learn during BLS Certification in Palm Desert CA
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Basic Life Support involves emergency medical treatment. BLS handles a victim temporarily if he stops breathing or sudden cardiac arrest. Many individuals use the terms BLS and CPR certification in Palm Desert CA interchangeably. The reason is that both certifications make individuals competent enough to save the life of a cardiac arrest victim until the medical professionals come to the spot.

CPR is the acronym for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Accordingly, CPR is an essential component of BLS. However, a BLS Certification in Palm Desert CA has a close association with the healthcare sector. It gives an improved level of training followed by certification to bystanders and healthcare professionals.

Who Requires Certification in Basic Life Support

A large number of medical providers and other individuals working as helpers have to attend BLS or CPR Classes in Palm Desert CA to get the required certification. The helpers are nurses, doctors, police officers, and firefighters. Moreover, the certification is necessary for a few other professionals, like childcare providers and bus drivers. Excluding this, other people complete BLS classes to prepare them to handle potential emergencies.

Requisites to Get Initial BLS Certification

Candidates have to attend classes to acquire knowledge on basic life support via BLS and First Aid Certification in Palm Desert CA. After that, students have to pass the test from a reputed institute accredited by the American Heart Association.  

What You Study in BLS Certification

Basic Life Support related certification programs allow healthcare professionals to recognize a few common signs and symptoms related to any life-threatening emergency. Furthermore, candidates learn to impart CPR treatment, use AEDs, and various others. These include the following-

·        AHA Survival Chain for infants, children, and adults

·        Choking management for adults, children, and infants

·        CPR with the help of multiple rescuers

·        CPR with a single rescuer

Note-AHA Survival Chain study is essential for candidates willing to acquire higher education, like ACLS or PALS Certification in Palm Desert CA.

Effective ventilations with the help of certain barrier devices

Along with the ones discussed here, you will learn a few additional things to provide effective ventilations by using barrier devices. These are CPR barrier devices, like facemasks to rescue breathing in infants, children, and adults. Alternatively, you will learn rescue breathing by using bag valve masks.

CPR by Applying Advanced Airways

Application of advanced airways refers to the introduction of ventilation or compression rate and the patient ratio, which has advanced airways in their places. If you want to learn advanced airways, you must attend any ACLS Class in Palm Desert CA, which organizes an airway management program.

Application of AEDs

If a victim has a fatal heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest, his heart needs an electric shock to defibrillate the heart rate. In this situation, bystanders and healthcare professionals have to apply AEDs i.e. Automatic External Defibrillators.


The BLS program trains individuals to recognize many life-threatening emergencies promptly. BLS Certified professionals impart high-quality chest compressions. They also provide ventilation and impart techniques to use AEDs.

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