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Title What Type Of Property Should I Invest In?
Category Real Estate --> Investment
Meta Keywords type of property, ready to move property, under construction property
Owner Harmanjot Singh

Whenever you decide to buy a property one of the questions which arises in his/her mind is that is what type of property should I invest in? There are various factors that need to consider before selecting the house you want. Everyone has their own wishes and life requirements which will help them decide whether they are going to spend on a home or not. Deciding how much can be spent on real estate transactions often differs.

You can either select an under-construction property and wait till its possession or ready to move property according to your needs and circumstances. It is easy for a person to deal with real estate every day since they have a good deal of knowledge (properties), but it is a real challenge for a layman to choose.

To help you make your decision, SBP Group has collected the following details of the property and its use for different people:

Points to be considered for Under Construction property:

The most ideal approach to fulfill the longing to claim your house is by buying an under-development property. These properties are mainly found in the city’s non-structured areas and therefore have the capacity to increase on account of future development opportunities.

It’s a great option for those who want to buy an investment property because the price of the property is lower at the beginning, and the demand for a location continues to increase. Their costs also increase, eventually benefiting the owner when building assets grow. In comparison to ready to move on the property, they also offer high resale values.

If you want to own an estate at less cost than you are advised about building a property, but many of the projects will be delayed due to an outbreak which results in a high delay for you. It is sensible to invest, After careful understanding of the project, including authorizations, government fees, project plan, etc.

Points to be considered for Ready to Move property:

In general, people needing a house to live in decide on the ready to move type of property as there is no convincing motivation to hold on for proprietorship.  Basically, complete the documentation, make the payment for the project or apartment you like and you are ready to Move into the perfect home you had consistently needed.

Thinking about the current circumstance, it is recommended that you decide ready to move into the apartment so that you will stay protected The principal reason for the inclination of ready to move house is that you get what you see. In addition, there are also tax benefits for you at Ready to moving homes or properties.

Also, you can select the society, location, area, amenities, accessibility, etc as per your need.  It is very important to have high-quality amenities now that many people stay at home, working at home so that you should face no discomfort. So, you should choose such a project which offers you great amenities.

The individuals who need to live in the house and are not aiming to sell it, later on, should choose ready to move property. If you want to buy a house for investment purposes then these flats will provide you good rental value, but not so good resale value.

Difference between Ready to move property and Under construction Property:

ParameterReady to Move in PropertyUnder-Construction Property
FormalitiesA lot of legal work and documentation required, because of the transfer of title.Relatively lesser documentation as there are no previous owners.
PaymentNo stages of construction and hence, the buyer needs to have the finances arranged.The buyer has more time in hand to spend the payment, registration charges, stamp duty, etc.
Level of riskHigher chances of getting cheated as the property may be sold to more than one buyer. The buyer’s due diligence is very important.Relatively simpler to buy an under-construction property. Due diligence is still required.
Property pricesUsually expensive, because the socio-physical infrastructure is relatively more developed.Cheaper in comparison but usually depends upon the location.
Impact on your financeYou would be free of paying rent and other expenses undertook on-site visits.If you are living on rent currently, the burden of EMIs will also be added.
NeighborhoodYou will know who your neighbors are and what to expect when you invest in a particular project.Many surprises may await you and you will only get to know it only after living in the property.


Homebuyers need to take care of all these factors before making the decision of investing in either type of property. You need to invest with a developer who has goodwill and has always fulfilled its customers’ expectations. The year 2020 is very important to all and you need to buy an estate that can offer you safety at the moment as the most important facility.

Overall, if you are looking for a safe property to enjoy your life with your family, then ready to move property is good for you, and if your main objective is to obtain good capitalist value from the property in the future, then the type of property property is preferred under construction.

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