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Title Why cycling tours in Vietnam is popular?
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Owner Anthony Korculanic

Why cycling tours in Vietnam is popular?


Vietnam, the country itself has a passion for cycling in Vietnam. Although it is a developing country still it is very safe and posses roads in a very good shape thereby making it one of the perfect regions for experience either through a bike or a cycle. The place is fit for cyclist of any fitness level. So, even if it is not in your travel guide, skilled paddle heads always migrate towards hills and all beautiful landscapes present in northern highlands and those who are a beginner and the leisure riders heads towards the flat region of Mekong Delta present in the south.

You might have seen several news footages that shows cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi having very busy streets that are mostly jammed with cycles but other than that there is also a large network of rural road, where there are just perfect conditions for riding. Along with that, the agricultural areas will give beautiful scenery. According to many adventurers, the existence of rural areas suits best for extended hours in the saddle and riding by cycle is one of the most preferred locomotion modes for most of the locals and tourists.

The localities are also very friendly and they will wave at you while you ride and you will feel uplifted during your Vietnam biking tours.

Let’s have a look at some of the best place for Vietnam Biking Tours:

Ho Chi Min City: When you explore this place through a bicycle it offers with magnificent insights into the enriched culture and the busy daily life of the locals. Ride to the beautiful French colonial period architecture, along with signature opera house, Notre Dame Cathedral. Never forget to go busy Chinatown, Binh Tay market. You can relish some nice foods at Ben Than market food stalls.

Hanoi: This is a place that has been customized for cycling tours. It is one of the perfect places to go and it is also a very busy street. You can just replete yourself with some of the beautiful lakes, boulevards, parks etc. The slow-moving and laid back vibes help in getting around in a cycle in the city very easy as well as flawless. For perfect Cycling Vietnam Tour starts from Hanoi and go towards northwest mountains.


So, with so many things that this place offers you should never miss a chance to go on a cycling tour in Vietnam!

Motorcycle riding gear for Vietnam

As shown above in the riding routes section, the gear you wear will greatly depend on the season. The Winter is not blisteringly cold, just cold enough to be annoying. The Summer IS hot enough to kill though. 

For most times of the year, you will need light airy clothing that will dry clearly and wick away sweat.

In Summer you need that type of clothing and to remember to stop for drinks a lot, or use a camelpack.

In Winter it pays to have rain proof trousers, a good jacket AND a poncho. Under this, one or two layers of clothing will be enough to keep the cold out.

Always have a rain poncho available; you can buy them almost everywhere and about 10-15usd will get you a top notch one.

Gloves are useful to prevent burning in the Summer and cold fingers in the Winter. Of course, year round they protect in case of an accident and should be worn. You are unlikely to need very thick gloves as the Winter is not cold a medium thickness will be fine.

For loads of in-depth info on Vietnam cycling riding gear while travelling, check out these packed articles!

Packing and motorcycle luggage

The main thing here is to take as little as possible. Most things that you need are available in Vietnam, particularly for men. Available here but well worth considering are wet wipes. Not a very manly item, but a very useful one, if you are caught short in the wild, or if you come across a very basic toilet and there are many of them about.

Remember to dispose of them correctly and not leave them or bury them in the wild.

Women on the other hand should bring their preferred cosmetic and sanitary products. I hear that the correct ones of these are hard to find.

Here’s a bunch of our luggage articles that you might find useful:

Motorcycle Luggage Guides

Motorcycle Packing Guides

Rent A Bike Vietnam

Motorcycle rentals and tours in Vietnam

Motorcycle tours in Vietnam

Not all tours are created equal. Check very carefully about the type of accommodation (ask for details) and what kind of food will be provided. This will give you an idea of the value of each offering.

Check carefully how many days are included in the cost. Some firms will charge the first, meet and greet, and one day, others will start charging from the time you first head out.

For some biking tours all food and soft drinks are included, on others only breakfast so you may need to pay for lunch/dinner. Be aware when comparing prices.

Renting a motorcycle in Vietnam

Check the bike carefully for scratches and broken parts. Take notes, tell the renter and take video if you wish. Do not be charged for parts that were damaged / broken.

Check carefully when you are to return the bike. Some firms will give you 24 hrs from the time you take the bike, others will consider overnight to be 1 day’s rental.

You will be expected to leave a security deposit. This is often EITHER an original passport with an entry stamp in it OR a cash deposit (sometimes up to 500usd per bike).

Bikes can be expensive and there is no insurance. Any damage will need to be repaired (paid for) by yourself.

It is unlikely that any rental firm can ‘freeze’ a charge on your account, even if they claim that they can. They will charge you and refund you. This will cost you fees and perhaps in the exchange.

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