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Title Why should you totally relax with a massage chair?
Category Fitness Health --> Exercise and Fitness
Meta Keywords massage chair
Owner Lixo Massage Chair

It is no secret that life can sometimes take a toll on you and there are days when all you want to do is relax and make your body rest. Lixo understands this notion and it is for this very reason that they have crafted LI5001 massage chair which is one of the top-rated next-gen luxurious product which has advanced features.
The massage chair is combined with a system of airbags which are strategically positioned. It also includes automatic body detection and kneading discs. This massage chair is designed to target every part of the body that has pinpoint accuracy to relieve specific pain points and stiffness. With premium leather upholstery and advanced technology, this chair has a wealth of auto-massage programs that has been inspired by the wellness experts in order to make sure that one can get all the relief and experience they every wanted with just the push of a button.

The special features of Lixo LI5001 massage chair include:

  1. There is an OPTO sensor device which guides the massage mechanism in finding the users neck so that he/she can receive the best neck massage. This is done through a curve orbit and massage arm which is super long. This 4 wheel massage mechanism can perform massage in such a manner that can give the user a total stress-free moment.
  2. This chair imitates the Zero Gravity capsule chair of NASA which has the ability to completely release the pressure through even supporting.
  3. It has 3 levels of roller width i.e. narrow, regular, and wide.
  4. There are various human massage touch techniques provided which gives the user a luxurious relaxation.
  5. There are the combination and vibration massage.
  6. All-in-all, it has an mp3 with a speaker.
  7. There are various massage techniques involved which can provide you with a relaxed lifestyle.
  8. The massage chair satisfies many requirements since it has a Zero Gravity performance.
  9. The massage chair is all about more comfort and more stableness.
  10. The massage chair has advanced features where it will measure the height of the user so that the chair can give appropriate and quality massage to its user.

A massage chair is worth buying because:

  1. It decreases stress levels When you think about massage, you are actually thinking of how it can make you relaxed. Studies show that there is a link between stress and muscle tension. So if you massage the tension away, it can be a great way to relieve your stress. It can also reduce anxiety and depression. If you just want to relax or decrease your stress levels, all you have to do is hop on into the massage chair because the machine will take care of your body.
  2. Reduces health problems A massage can reduce the pressure on your nerves and align your spine which further reduces your back pain. It helps improve posture and has also been proven to eliminate some health problems.
  3. Lowers blood pressure High BP occurs when your heart has to work harder in order to move blood all over your body. Since the blood pushes your artery walls, they become hardened over time. Through a massage, you can lower hypertension by stimulating the pressure receptors to the nerves. This organic stress relief massage chair is better than other exercise machines like the treadmill since all the user has to do is sit and relax.Lixo products are being used in airports and malls because of their state-of-the-art technology and also because of the long year of warranty. There are approximately 5 Lakh people who are using our products on a daily basis. Lixo is all about advanced technology where their professional features can give the user a human touch feel.